[Source] Baroque pearls

Being unable to go to Tucson this year, I am getting nervous about
finding the pearls I need. I am looking for a good reliable source
for wholesale loose strands of baroque pearls with nice luster sizes
from 5-11mm. Has anyone had a good history with a particular pearl
source?-Susan McDonough

Susan McDonough
Monhegan Island

Has anyone had a good history with a particular pearl source? 

I have bought at SNAG conferences from King’s Ransom, and feel very
comfortable dealing with Betty Sue King, the owner:



Has anyone had a good history with a particular pearl source? 

I have used KOBE PRECIOUS PEARL for years and have been extremely
happy and satisfied with the quality and the price.

 Yasu Matsuda

If Mr Matsuda didn’t have what I wanted, he would eventually find it
for me. Service and quality like his is hard to beat.

My main request is for baroque pearls.

Best regards,
Love and God Bless


I am looking for a reputable source for free form (baroque) pearls
that are half drilled or not drilled at all. I do not want to buy
them in quantities of hundreds, but in small quantities or
individually. I would like to set them as components in my designs.

thanks for any help!


I have bought pearls two times from Stratura in Uxbridge, MA. Ask for
Mary; she knows everything about pearls.

Good luck, MA

I like the family owned business Stachura Wholesale Gemstones @
Wholesale Gemstones Supplier - Stachura Wholesale I have bought some nice
individual as well as bulk pearls from them. Very nice to deal with
and located in Uxbridge, MA. Give them a try.


Hello Susan,

Check with Mary at Joseph P. Stachura Company. She has been a great
help for me when searching for a specific type of pearl.

Judy in Kansas, who shoveled a good foot of snow off the driveway.
That’s one way to get some exercise!