[Source] Adjustable Ring Shanks

Hi All,

I’m looking for a source for an adjustable ring shank that opens at
the bottom. A customer came in my store today and has one on her
ring and wants one installed on one of my rings. Hers is different
than those Stuller offers such as the Finger Fit Shank or the
Superfit, but works on the same principle BUT with the opening at the
bottom center of the ring. Hers is approximately 4mm wide and I could
use something 5-7mm wide, as the ring she chose has a tapering band
from 7 to 5mm on the sides. I’m willing to adjust the width a few mm
but can’t afford to loose all the design.

If anyone has seen one such as this, or knows a source please
contact me. I checked the archives but was unable to come up with

Thank you
Mary Ann Archer

I’m still hoping someone out there has seen, used, or know of a
source for an adjustable ring shank other than those offered by
Stuller. The type I saw on a customers ring opened at the bottom of
the ring. If you have any ideas or info please let me know.

Mary Ann Archer

These are not hard to find. I used to have one that I got from Rio
that opened on the bottom, as you describe. It had a little “buckle,”
and when open, there was a little wire connecting the two sides.

Do a search on the main brands, Finger Fit and… my mind is going
blank. There’s another one.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Maybe you saw the Fingermate. Their website is

Hope that helps,

Jenny Sweaney
Mardon Jewelers

I’ve installed over a hundred adjustable shanks. I have settled on
just two brands. Fingermate and Superfit. Each has advantages over
the other depending on the situation. Not all rings are suitable for
an adjustable shank, there must be enough structural integrity in the
top half to both support itself and the strain of repeated openings.
Sometimes you can add bracing. You can buy direct from both or use
findings supply. Both will install or sell you the finding.

Pros and cons…

Fingermate says once installed the size cannot be changed but I have
done so. The back half is hollow, skin gunk and soap can clog the
inside leading to early failure. The click springs can weaken or
break but hey are warranted, costs their current service charge plus
shipping two ways. It is easy for an arthritic hand to manipulate.
Available in 14KY&W and platinum. Comes in narrow widths. Requires
their special jig to install, not difficult once you gain experience
with it.

Superfit comes in 18K in addition to 14K and platinum. All solid
construction. Their narrowest is not quite as narrow as I’d like to
see. The actuating mechanism is neat and clean but requires the user
have the dexterity to press a stylus into a small detent, not always
the case with arthritis. Also people tend to pull on the little
lever, which is a no-no. Superfits are very sizeable. ‘No jig’ can
make alignment a bit tricky but the finding is forgiving. I usually
crazy glue the catch and hinge, cut and fit as required then solder
quickly with localized heat. Tension on the catch is adjustable.

I don’t know what Stuller sells, I don’t use them because I had bad
experience with their settings, prongs very hard, broken emeralds as
a result. I was told its because they tumble their settings a lot
and work harden them in the process, allowing them to make a
lighter (cheaper) setting. I want findings to make my life easier,
not harder. I’m happy to pay more to get what I want. But I digress.

Mary Ann,

Check the Rio Grande Gems and Findings catalog. The one I have is
August 2006-2007 and a shank such as you describe is on page 171. If
you don’t have a Rio catalog you can go to their web site at

Jerry in Kodiak

This is what all the ring manufacturers don’t want you to see, and
don’t want you to know.

Have you been told your SuperFit ring is out of “adjustment”!!! And
all you need is “fine tuning” to have it stay closed?

And every couple of weeks it is the same, as you keep loosing the
ring. Because when it is out of “adjustment” that means that you have
already had an “inadvertent” ring opening “loss” No need to push the

Have you been told that your SuperFit was “poorly installed”;
putting the blame on you, and that is why it won’t stay closed?

Here is the vibration test that clears all that smoke and mirrors.
The SuperFit ring in the test is as it is received from the supplier
in its _controlled state _of pre installation. “No excuses here”


You will see that it is simply based upon the “book binder ring
principle”, nothing amazing or new there, and it can’t stay closed,
let alone locked.

So when you are frustrated as you have done everything you could,
and still come up the looser now you know why.

Allan Creates