Solders for brass

Hi Everyone,

I have decided to execute a new piece in brass. I’m doing some
heavier filagree style wire work with 18 gauge wire. What I would
like to know is where do I get solder that matches the color of
brass? It seems to me I had some at one time, but was warned that it
contained cadmium (?). I’m looking for different strengths of solders
for brass, kind of like what I have for silver (easy, medium, hard,
IT). Please let me know where this type of solder can be obtained.

Thanks all,
Augest D.

Hi, Augest D.,

I’ve never used this, but “Monsterslayer”, - Solders, list this hard

CU-FOS-FLO #7 20 Ga wire Hard Solder for Copper and Brass Melting
Temp: 1310*F. Composition: 92.75% Copper, 7.25% Phosphorus Joint
Color: Light Copper

The composition seems safe enough, if the color works for your
application? If you try this, let us know how it works for your uses?

Ed Wales

...a new piece in brass. I'm doing some heavier filigree style wire
work with 18 gauge wire. What I would like to know is where do I
get solder that matches the color of brass 

This topic has been discussed on Orchid several times in the
somewhat distant past – did you try the Archives? I don’t have the
time at the moment to go in to all the ins and outs. I solder/braze
brass all the time and would love to know if there are any new
answers to this request. Otherwise, contact me directly sometime.

Judy Bjorkman
Owego, NY

I would most likely simply go with torch brazing instead of
soldering myself. Look into it, and if it will meet your needs let us
know. Best of luck.

K. David Woolley
Fredericton, NB
Diversiform Metal Art & Jewellery

Hi August,

One place to start looking for solders for brass would be
Metalliferous in New York

City. The web page is

They have hard brass solder, brass brazing rod (lower melt), and
Plumbers solder ( very low melt, not sure about the color tho’}.

Their phone # is 212-944-0909, if you wish to speak to a customer

Just a satified customer.

Good luck.

Try Aufhauser in Plainfield NJ…

download their data sheet at:

Color matching on these copper alloys can be difficult – stay away
from the phos ones they tend to be gray in my experience.


I’ve used brazing rod, which you can buy anywhere that sells brazing
supplies. (got mine at NORCO). You need to make sure that the melting
point of the rod is less than that of your brass. I use a lot of
NuGold (which, according to my reference, has a melting point of
1886F…pretty high.)

Torch on…

Barbara Louise Bowling