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Size of interlocking rings


I would like to make a ring out of two interlocking rings. My
question is if the ring needs to fit, generally speaking, a size 6,
how much larger do I make the separate rings to accommodate the
extra bulk of the interlock as they cross over each other? Photo of
the ring can be seen here:

Kind regards,
Black Water Siren Studio


add the height of the shank to the diameter of desired size. The sum
is your new diameter, find this with a caliper on the sizing mandrel.
Its not exact as roll on rings tend to fit a little easier because
they, ‘roll on’. Might try making a little smaller than ideal and
stretch to fit on a grooved mandrel.


This is always a toughie. I’ve never done two rings, but I’ve done
three many times (“Rolling Rings”). Stuller recommends making the
rings 1 3/4 sizes bigger. I generally start with 2 sizes bigger. In
some ways, making the rings the size, plus the thickness of each
ring, works pretty well. So, for 1.5mm thick bands, size six, you
would start with 52mm (51.84 = circ. of sz 6), + 1.5 + 1.5. Always
make the bands first - that is, solder them, round them, file them

  • and anneal them. Then cut one and assemble. However, this is an
    inexact science, and you’ll always need to check and adjust them. I’d
    suggest, especially if it’s gold, making a mockup out of silver or
    copper to test the size, especially if you need to really nail it,
    like for a customer’s size.