Shining black silver

Hi Folks

I’m having troubles for getting a shining black finishing on silver
rings, they are another methods that oxidizing maybe an electrolytic
one? that I can get that very homogeneously on many pieces? or I
shall try another metal?

Muchas Gracias
Gustavo from Argentina

Hi Gustavo,

Try Rhuthanium plating (if you are O.K to give a plating coat over

Khushroo Kotwal from Mumbai India

Gustavo- Try oxidizing the ring first and then tumbling it in steel
shot. It makes a very shiny and durable oxidized finish. Have fun and
make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer

LOS, then light polish, then LOS, then light polish, again and again

LOS, then light polish, then LOS, then light polish, again and
again and... 

Instead of actually polishing it, instead use a brass or nickle
silver “plater’s brush”. These are extremely fine guage wire
brushes. They feel almost silky, they’re so soft. Use this with soapy
water, and scrub the LOS surface. The result is a rich blue/black
sort of gunmetal color with a nice metallic sheen. Just gorgeous. Or
at least, I think so… Repeat the process a couple times to deepen
the color a bit, and get it more even. The brass brush burnishes the
sulphide surface, not only giving it that nice sheen, but also
compacting it, making it substantially more durable and wear
resistant. I usually find two or three applications of the process
quite sufficient. I like the lower sheen over an actual bright
polish as it shows off the color better. You can, if you wish, very
lightly hand buff with a soft cloth and red rouge if you wish a
higher polish.

Peter Rowe

I have had luck with high polish then oxidize. Machine polishing
after will only take off oxides. Could hand polish with cloth or add
butchers wax (not so permanent) top create protective layer of
material after oxidizing.