Sharpening wire cutting pliers

I was wondering if it were possible to sharpen wire cutting pliers?


Assuming you are talking about the linesman type plier with built in
wire cutter (i.e. 2 function tool where the primary function is
plier) the answer is a definite no. Very few wire cutters of any type
are easy to sharpen - the easiest is a bypass shear type cutter
(works like scissors)

Jon Daniels
The Ring Lord Chainmail

I have sharpened oblique flush cutters in the past. Simply grind
across the outer face. But there’s a point where the jaws will start
to misalign. Some pliers have an adjustment screw but I never had
good luck with that. Buy a Lindstrom and you won’t need to worry
about sharpening.

Swanstrom will recondition cutters and pliers for a nominal fee.
Last I checked (about 8 months ago), it was $7 to refurbish a pair of
cutters and $6 per pair of pliers. Per their website, this includes
“Cleaning, joint adjustment, honing, re-pointing of tips, polishing,
new springs, new foam handles, lubrication, and demagnetizations.”
They will re-condition ALL brands, not just Swanstrom. Information
can be found at

or you can call them 1-800-287-8872. My company sent about 12 pairs
of severely abused cutters and pliers to them and we got them back
in like-new condition in less than two weeks. If they can’t refurbish
something, they will call you and send it back, no charge. No
affiliation, just a satisfied customer.

Holly Sabia
American Medical ID