Setting pear cut stones

I am new to stone setting, I have a commission to make an intricate
mothers pendant which has four stone settings, while I have many
ideas on how to go about doing the metalwork, I have no sources for
quality faceted

I need a 4mm wide pear cut yellow topaz, peridot, and sapphire. It
does not matter how long these stones are, but the customer is set
on having pearcut stones. I have looked around a bit, but I am having
a hard time finding these three stones that are all the same
dimensions and cut.

Being that I am just beginning to learn about stones and pearls, I
am a bit confused by the customers request for Mallorcan Pearls,
which I looked for a bit on the internet and they seem to be a
synthetic pearl made in Mallorcan? The customer says that his wife
has seen them in Turquoise and Grey. He is requesting these because
his wife if from the area where t the pearls are made. So, if there
is a different name for these pearls or if you know of a supplier,
please let me know. I am hoping to find a 5mm round ‘Mallorcan’

Beth Millner

Beth- Try Stuller or RIo Grande for your pear shapes. As for the
Mallorca pearls…Yes they are imitation pearls. They come from the
Spanish island of Mallorca. They are beads that are covered with a
coating that is supposed to be a secret formula. I’ve only seen them
for sale in Spain, so I have no idea where you’d find them here.
Good luck with your commission.


Majorca Pearls are indeed man-made pearl simulants and are produced
on the island of Manacor, Spain. As Jo says, they are made using a
secret formula containing crushed pearl nacre coated onto a glass
bead. They have been produced by Mallorcan women for more than a
century. They are still available in the US. We used to be a Majorca
retailer but I’m afraid I don’t have any left. I think if you run a
google search for “majorca pearls” you will be directed to a retailer
that carries them. I think some of the department stores might also
be a good bet. You may have to buy a pair of studs or a tie tack and
pay for the box and all that, but at least you should be able to get

Be careful when applying heat to remove posts and such. The surface
finish is easily damaged with heat.

Also as Jo says, Stuller or Rio Grande would be a good bet for the
stones you need. J Frank Golden will also be able to help you with
specific stone dimensions, but their prices are a bit on the high


As Jo says, they are made using a secret formula containing crushed
pearl nacre coated onto a glass bead. 

I am not sure of my source, but I think I read somewhere that they
use scales of sardines dissolved in vinegar. The process is quite
ancient and was adapted by the locals. Technically, the substance is
very closely related to pearl nacre.

Leonid Surpin

Thanks everyone for your help! I was emailed off of the forum and
have found a source for the pear-shape stones.

As for the Majorca pearls, I helped the customer decide that a fresh
water pearl would look better in the design and be much easier for
me to locate.

I really appreciate this forum! Thanks Again!

Beth Millner