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Selling workshop contents - tools/machines/raw materials/etc

Evening (where I am, anyway)

I’m moving to Europe to start a PhD program in the fall and need to sell my house and all that that entails. A big part of that will be selling my silversmithing/jewelry workshop/studio - tools (a collection of GRS engraving tools for example… 6 wheel lapidary grinder, enameling/burnout kiln, rolling mill, Meiji microscope on a GRS Acrobat swing arm, etc…), hand tools, machines, raw materials, the whole nine yards.

I’m not convinced this is the place to post too much detail on it and I don’t want to break forum rules, but if somebody could point me at a resource, I’d appreciate it. And, if by chance somebody is interested, let me know.


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I think you can offer your items for sale here, as long as you are not in business to sell that kind of stuff.

This is an official post regarding this subject:

I’m interested. Please give us more details!

Hi Betty

Thanks for the note. Yeah, I was concerned just about the sheer volume - it’s not 5-10 things, but a whole passel. But if folks think it’s ok, I’ll post things to this thread in a clump and if I need to remove/move it later, I’ll manage that.


Contact our own David Geller at "". He is the
absolute maven in this business. I don’t have his business email, but it’s
a start…mention my name…Gerry Lewy!

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

Frank, posting your location would be helpful. For instance, the six-wheel lapidary grinder would be of interest to someone I know, but only as a local pickup.

Thanks -Lorraine

Gerry, It has been a long time since David posted his “for sale” list here. I wonder if he still maintains a list?

Give him a ‘try’ not sure though

Gerry Lewy
Toronto, Ontario.

I would be interested in lapidary and Grs equipment. Feel free to contact me. I live in North Carolina.

I would be interested in more information on the kiln, raw materials, and location information. I’m in the Philadelphia area.
Suella Guthrie

I’m interested. Where are you located.


Do you have enamels? If so, what brand? Lead free? Transparents/opaques? Enameling equipment/tools/ misc materials?
I don’t need the kiln.
Please contact me directly via my website: Thanks.

I just realized I had asked about the kiln and materials but never gave my email address. I would also be interested in enamels, enameling tools, hammers, and the raw material you mentioned.
My email is
Suella Guthrie

Frank, interested in GRS tools, microscope if you have that. Thanks.

I may be interested in some lapidary equipment as well.


Christopher Lund

I am interested in some of the tools, especially the grs tools

Hello, all -

Sorry about being incognito - I’m not sure why, but I had some technical difficulties in getting “reply” to work. :frowning:

I’ll try to get caught up and answer questions, adding more things in as I get pictures and whatnot:

  • Location: I’m in Oregon, about an hour SW of Portland.

As a new user, I can only put one link in a post, so here’s a link to a Tumblr page. I’ll keep adding things over there to preserve the link.


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Will you post prices or entertain offers.
Will you ship?

I went back in and just added prices to those things. I’m open to (reasonable) negotiation and happy to ship if you’re willing to pay shipping.

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No enamels shown on your list of items you are selling. Do you have enamels available to sell? Please post list and prices. Thanks.


Do you have a picture of your bench shear?