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Selecting kiln for PMC

Hi all,

I am in the market for a kiln. Not sure what brand/size/type to buy.
I would be using this for annealing beads, but also for fusing glass
for jewelry, pmc and other small items. I value the experience and
opinions of everyone on this website, and thank you all, in advance,
for any help you can offer me, on what would be the best types, sizes
and brands to help me make my decision !

Thanks again,
Suz Brennan

I was using a Thomson Enamel TK-1 but recently got one with
temperature control and must say that for the varied applications the
one with temperature control is much better.

I fired it up at half setting and did PMC3 in 10-20 minutes
depending onpiece size. I fired my first gems into pendants and it
was a success so I am having fun.

THe second kiln was aquired off Ebay but has good prices.

No affiliation just a happy customer

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I have a paragon kiln with a bead door. I do everything in it. I
think it is an SC-2 or 3 with bead door. It allows you to look into
the kiln while items are being cooked. Great for beads and enameling
plus a lot more and it is only on regular plug in (110). Becareful
though as to where you kiln is plugged in mine used to trip the
breakers all the time so I moved it to a breaker all its own, now
everything is great.


Suz - I have a Paragon SC2 and have used it for several years. I love
it. I don’t have the bead door because I don’t need it, but I have
been thinking about getting the window door (as a separate purchase)
for my enamel work. The basic specs are: Temp range up to 2000
degrees F (1093 degrees C) with an interior dimension of 8.0" wide x
5.75" high x 7.75" deep. Because I purchased directly from Paragon, I
didn’t have any of the “pre-set” temperatures already programmed into
the digital controller and I am happy about that since I use it for
metal clay, enamel work and glass fusing, as well as kiln annealing
of a lot of silverwork.

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Hi Suz,

I just went through that whole process myself, too. I actually got it
just the other day (just 11 days after ordering), and fired it up for
the first time yesterday! I ended up with the Paragon SC-2, with bead
door. I considered the peep window, too, but then it would have taken
a couple more weeks to get (you know, once you order it, you don’t
want to wait!), and I can always peek through the bead door. Plus,
the window can’t go above 1700 degrees, and I didn’t want to limit
myself when the kiln can go up to 2000. I also considered the SC-3
(the inside is a couple inches taller), but decided I wanted to spend
the extra ~$120 on supplies. I’m still trying to determime the best
glass fusing & fire polishing temp, as every kiln differs, but I
fired a couple PMC pieces this morning & it worked just great on the
first try! I found the best price on the kiln at
Very helpful & friendly there, too. Usual disclaimers- no
affiliation, just a satisfied customer. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Designs by Lisa Gallagher

Hi Suz-

In selecting a PMC kiln, the thing that’s most important is finding
a programmable one with a digital pyrometer (unless you love hanging
out while your kiln is ramping and firing.) Personally, I have a
Paragon SC-2 (with the bead door and viewing window), and I’m rather
happy with it, but I’ve heard great things about the Sierras as well.
Other than that, you just want to make sure the inner chamber has
enough room to do the kinds of work you wish to do. As far as bead
door and viewing window go, those are probably a good idea if you
plan on also doing bead annealing and/or enameling. Also, you want to
go with a company that stands by their product, just in case you have
an issue with your kiln.

Bottom line, as long as it has a digital pyrometer and can be
digitally programmed, you should be AOK.


Delphi glass has kilns for PMC, they are wonderful…check them out


Hi…just be sure to wear protective glasses. Looking into the
heated (red) oven can damage the retinas in your eyes - over time.

I have had both types of kilns. One of my students needed the one
with the bead door more than I did. I have to say, that the original
Paragon that I had, needed me to set the temps and I realize I liked
that after relinquishing it - a student needed that one, too. So, I
am using the programed one from Rio - does all the things I need.

Have fun
R M Christison