Scrap Price Resistance?

I’m meeting absolutely no resistance to my offers for scrap gold
from the public. Volume is building and building. Even Mrs. Gotrocks
is cashing out her scrap. Anyone else finding this too?

I might expect that scrap and sales of new goods might be inversely
proportional but its not turning out that way…yet. Regular
business is still good. I’m not sure what to make of that.

BTW, it just shows the power of word of mouth, I have not advertised
buying scrap at all, yet its turning into a pretty good deal. Hmmm,
gears turning in his head, what would happen if I Do advertise it?

Scrap has been real good for about 18-24 months now. The traffic
dropped off for a while but seems to have picked up again. Some days
I have more scrap sellers come in than what I have money to spend.
Terrible problem! Plus I have acquired a huge collection of loose
diamonds-melee, 1/4’s, 3rds, even picked up a 1-1/2 carat I2, G-I for
nearly nothing, and a massive collection of decent thru poor
commercial grade color goods- all for somewhere between nothing on up
to a fraction of normal costs. Its amazing how many people have
stacks, even buckets of silver coins, 1 oz. Krugerrands, and vintage
US gold and silver. And if you know what your looking for, theres a
bunch of nice quality, namebrand, collectable costume jewelry to be
had for a song. Even picked up some sealed collectable bottles from
1972 of french cognac and Jim Beam whiskey. Full and still in the
original mfg gift boxes.

A difference I am seeing now versus a year or more ago, is that
people seem to be selling things now that they wouldnt sell a year
ago. Was a ton of scrambled up herringbone chains and other mostly
broken gold, but now getting more complete pieces. Theres even a
keeper every once in a while- refinish it, tag it for the case, I
make way better than scrap price when it sells and the customer got a
great deal.

Hi All…

You know what I think’s happening…

All those ads on TV offering to buy gold scrap…You know…“Gold
is at it’s highest price ever…go through your jewelry box and send
in your unwanted jewelry…”

Rather than chance the mail…and since you folks are trusted
members of the community…and probably give a better deal than some
late-nite TV advertiser…

Gary W. Bourbonais
L’Hermite Aromatique
A.J.P. (GIA)

I tested that tv ad deal to see what they were up to and sent
careful selected scrap jewelry of 14kt,GF and sterling and got back
$1.20 check for $400 worth of gold alone seems their refining costs
are very very very high LOL

Thieves shakes head I warn my clients if it seems way too good to
be true…take your jewelry to an actual jeweler in a storefront. I
send them to the jewelers in my area that I know is actually able to
do bench work and make jewelry NOT jeweler CHAIN STORES PLEASE… lol
do not have a storefront I enjoy traveling to shows when I can my
health prohibits anything else.