Scaling model down using rapid prototyping

I’ve made a scuptured piece that will eventualy be cast in platinum
and gold, with jewels inserted afterward. I made it twice as big, in
order to put lots of detail into it. I did this, hoping there was a
rapid prototyping company out there who could scan it very finely,
and I could then get one made at half size. I think there are
different methods for scanning for rapid prototyping. Does anyone
know which method will capture the finest detail? And which company
does the best work? I’d sure appreciate some direction here. I hope I
didn’t make a mistake by doing it twice the size.

Larry Heyda


There’s plenty of scanners out there, but not many that can capture
very, very fine detail. I have both a Roland probe scanner and a
laser scanner and they’d be OK, If your piece is either larger than
@ 6 square inches or doesn’t have super fine detail.

If your piece is jewelry sized and you’re really concerned about
high resolution, there’s only one scanner I’ve seen that can do the
job. Contact Jason at :

Be aware also that RP machines have limits as to what they’re able
to reproduce.

Good luck!