San Francisco galleries


Any recommendations for interesting art metalwork and jewelry
galleries in San Francisco would be gratefully welcomed.


Marty, Stuart Moore Gallery, located at 1898 Union Street, is worth a
visit while you are in San Francisco.

Michael David Sturlin

Velvet da Vinci

If you go anywhere, you must go there! Have a great trip - I am so
looking forward to going back one day…



Besides the upscale stores (Cartier, Bucheron, etc. which neighbor
Union Square) the majority of custom-jewelry stores are on Union
Street in the Marina. Nicknamed ‘The Golden Ghetto’. I think the
finest metal-arts galleries are ‘Gallery Flux’ (on 18th & Castro)
and ‘Velvet DeVinci’ (on Polk Street).

The Oakland Art Museum, near Lake Merrit (easy Bart access) and the
Asian Art Museum (in Civic Center) have wonderful metal-arts
collections as well.

Peace. Kim.

To all those, on and off-line, who responded to my query about San
Francisco jewelry worth seeing - The Velvet DaVinci gallery was well
worth the trip.

An excellent and inspiring collection. Tremendous variety and yet
almost every piece in the place was one I would have been proud to
call my own for quality and originality. Despite the wide range of
designs and materials, very little of what I saw over-lapped with
what I call “ho-hum conventional.”

Thanks for the tip.

Marty Hykin, Victoria