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Rotary tool on Sciplus

I found this posting on the American Science Surplus website

The Better Rotary Tool

For bigger, or longer, projects, and hands-free operation. This
1/4-hp flex-shaft grinder has a 43" long flexible shaft, a keyed
chuck that accepts bits up to 5/32", a variable-speed control
foot-pedal power switch, and a comfortable 1" dia hand grip. The
motor runs 500 to 22,000 rpm, operates on 120VAC, measures 3-1/4"
dia x 4" long, and has a sturdy hook to hang it from an
over-the-bench shelf. Comes in a blow-molded storage case and
includes approx (40) 1/8" shank tool bits (burrs, cutters, and
polishers). Includes replacement brushes. Intermittent duty.
Price: $59.50

I already blew about $200 on a Foredom for myself, but this seems
like an alternative for anyone else on the list who might not
currently have the wherewithal to do the same. For people who already
have flexshafts, the store also had a bunch of drill bits and
polishing thingies available. Do many people use the tools/materials
from this site? What are your experiences with them?

I have no connection or financial interest in this store (usual
disclaimer?) except that I got to visit the Geneva retail outlet the
other week, and it was AMAZING- stuffed to the gills with all sorts
of fun…well…stuff!

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a rotary tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

I love American Science & Surplus, but their stuff is all over the
map, from fantastic bargains to complete junk. I bought a “variable
speed grinder” with a flexible shaft attachment, thinking it would be
handy for “away” teaching gigs. It is so feeble that it stops turning
as soon as you put any load on it.

On the other hand, I bought an enclosed blower there that I used to
construct my vent system. It works flawlessly, years later, and cost

Their little burs and whatnot are usually just fine, but not
generally cheaper than the same at Rio, I think. So it is a judgement


I’ve delt with them for around 20 years (before they changed the name
to American Science & Surplus they were Jerryco). I’ve gotten some
jewelry related items from them, the Mizzy wheels are a bargain. The
small boxes are great for tiny things. I use their 600 ml beaker for
pickle on a coffee warmer. I’ve always gotten what was described and
never been disappointed.

Donna in VA

love american scientific and surplus…but this tool runs hot, and
the handpiece is, less than suitable for jewelry work of
substance…the warranted Dremel is a better expenditure, and more
service-worthy… I love their labware and glassware- very suited to
jewelry applications and cheap!!!, They have the best prices on gem
jars on the planet, and stuff you don’t need but must have like a
Royal Mail carriers (UK) hat. the equivalent to jett-sett, and other
jewelry making products( even a graver now and then though they may
call it a chisel!). or the 5 dollar shop apron assortment- I even got
a leather one in my set of 3 once!..their catalog is a great fun
read, but many of their tools are best purchased at harbour freight,
where you can walk in and get a replacement if/when something goes
wrong… however their electronics are wondrous…surplus from the
former soviet union…you can get dichroic, and ultra-specialized
camera parts for under a hundred dollars, and excellent microscopes,
and digital microscope parts for a song…relatively short song that
is…but their power tools have no guarantees…

Dear RERourke,

Wow, you’re right. I have been buying gem jars from the USA rather
than the UK as even with the shipping, the supplier I was using was
FAR cheaper for the same product than here in the UK. But now you’ve
pointed out Sciplus.



Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a rotary tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend: