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Repairing Herring bone Necklaces

I have a 14k mens herring Bone Necklace that has developed three
kinks. The kinks have opened and the links look like a puzzle ring
undone. I can either use it as scrap gold or try to repair it. Has
anyone had success puttiing the links back together or is that a
waste of time?


Usually these monstrosities twist and the links, which are like
three in three, jump past the little indentations formed when the
chain is flattened, creating humps that prevent you just sliding them
back into position.

What luck, I just did one a minute ago so its fresh in my mind. This
particular chain was bright on one side, textured on the other. this
makes it easier because you don’t have to guess which way you have to
untwist. Start at the first twisted link. With a hand on each side
try to feed the link back into position, it of course won’t want to
go, so use an exaggerated rocking motion with your hands forming a V,
and open and close the V while you try to finagle the links back into
their homes. Takes awhile but it goes a little at a time. Once you
have coerced it back into reasonable position you’ll see that the
edges of the links are kinda ragged. Using a fixed ring mandrel,
strop the chain across a smooth face, shoe-shine like motion, this
helps nestle the links in more tightly. Lay the chain on a bench
block and rub with a burnisher, hammer if you want. then polish as

H-bones do this kinking thing for a living, its what they do best.
The kink will come back. I had a lot of practice in the 80’s, glad
they went out of style.

Pete -

In my shop, we scrap all herringbone chains. Even if you go to the
trouble of repair, some OTHER place in the chain will kink. Not worth
the hassle.

Of all the herringbone chains my store has sold, if they come back
for repair, my boss buys back and scraps so we don’t bleed money in
the long-term repair obligation.



In my experience it is possible to twist and burnish it back into
close to new shape. Interesting exerciase.But it will do it again.
Scrap it for gold value.

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