Refurbishing old leatherette store displays

Hi All, I have some old white leatherette case displays for pendants
and rings and they’re looking pretty sad. Since the cost of new ones
are sky high these days, I was wondering if you know of a way to
re-do, refurbish or re-color them so they look professional again? I
tried washing them and using gesso to cover up some permanent boo
boos and I also tried painting the whole piece with gesso. As you
probably know, I had poor results. I would really love some advice
from you.

Patty in MO.

There are zillions of different types of spray paints available now.
Some are made especially for painting vinyl, such as car interior
material. Those would probably work very well to refinish jewelry

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry


Check out Gems On Display ( They are the most
reasonable supplier I have found for displays, trays, tray liners,
etc. We bought white leatherette and rosewood (some sort of wood
stained to look like rosewood) display sets and we’ve been very
happy with them.

Rick Copeland

Hi Patty,

Years ago one could buy bottles of dye to refurbish shoes. There were
many colors available and I used to watch my Grandmother transform
shoes from one color to another. You might look to see if this is
available and try it on one to see if you like the results.



I had the same problem with my neck displays, so I painted them with
acrylic craft paint and they came out great. You will need several
coats to make them look right. I even painted my velvet ones as well
and they also looked good.

Good luck.
Roxan O’Brien

Patty, if those were mine I would cover them with fabric. The
frames, the display area, all of it.


There are products made for restoring vinyl upholstery; a Google
search turned up these:

VLP Liquid Vinyl Patch and I
imagine the clear ones could be tinted with pigment in a similar

this one lets you choose color and grain pattern: Liquid Leather No
Heat Leather/Vinyl Repair Kit

Sew a slipcover for the top of the stand out of stretchy velveteen
or black T-shirt fabric if the leatherette was black. On the wrong
side of the fabric, stitch a tunnel around the edge with a cord of
elastic inside the tunnel. Pull the elastic tight and you will have a

Sally Parker

As I recall there was a company that specialized in recovering
displays, maybe they were in Brooklyn, NY? Might find them in the big
JCK Directory.

Hi - I draped fabric over mine, gathered it firmy in back and
stitched (or pinned) it in place. Just check the front before
securing the back so there’s no gathers or folds. I notice also Rio
is selling elastic-backed covers, but I don’t like how much of the
original bust shows through in the back. Either way, you can
customize your color/texture and just replace the cover if it gets
dirty or worn.

Susan “Sam” Kaffine