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Re: [Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths] Summary

I ordered a stone setting class a while ago. How do I get to it?

A few clarifications.
Ordered or bought?
Where did you do that?

I guess you would say bought because I paid for it. I did it online in responding to an email I got offering a discount.

The reason I asked is:
How can we help you, if we don’t know where you bought it?
Check the website you bought it from.
Check for links in the emails from them.

Here in Ganoksin Orchid the videos you buy, will be accessible from the dashboard after login.
Regards Per-Ove

what is the exact title of the video? Let’s try and web search that…?


I realized it’s not a video. It’s an “easay” by Gerry Lewis on stone setting. He told me he didn’t do videos. It was advertised on Facebook; I thought it was by Ganoksin. It was an essay on sale.

I don’t make videos, I only write essays.
My 144 essays are not for sale, they are free to download.
I never advertised any notices on Facebook. If it was seen, it was never put there by me. Are ‘we’ clear on this point?
Thanks for your understanding…Gerry Lewy (not Lewis)

Aah. Not good.
If you paid by credit card, you can demand the money back. I guess…
Maybe you can stop it in other ways too.

This should be pursued and the scammer outed.

Unless there are a real Gerry Lewis doing stone setting.