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Re foredom quick change handpiece


i was wondering if anyone has the attached foredom quick change handpiece, and how they like it?

i need a new handpiece…


I have one and have used it hard for years. It works great, just learn how to adjust it first…Rob

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hi rob,

thanks for your reply!

how/ what adjusts…?


I’ve had several different quick change hand pieces. That Foredom H.20 is the best.

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I bought the Chinese knock off from ebay for about $15-$20. I use it sporadically, but it has held up well. You find it using the search “quick change handpiece” but not “h20 Handpiece.” It comes in a yellow/orange Foredom box. The only downside I see is that you have to keep your #30 around for things that don’t fit the 3/32" collet. -royjohn


The H20 is a game changer if you are switching up accessories frequently. I have used mine for around 5 years and wouldn’t go back to a #30, although I still have one around somewhere. Hopefully, most of your accessories are 3/32”. One tip is to always keep an accessory in the collet, this is a suggestion from Foredom. Here’s a link to their instructions for use and adjustments. I found it on their website.

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I have an H20 and I love it. But I also have the portable Foredom and love that one also. I modified the chuck on the portable one to accept the smaller and larger collets as I have both diameter shafts… The larger collet I leave permanent in the tool. When I need to use the smaller shaft tools I just insert the smaller collet. It didn’t fit snuggly so I added some scotch tape around it and it works great. Turning a knob near the collet with your finger opens the collet to release the tool which is just as fast as the H20

You need to adjust the collet so that it can engage the point shaft without slipping or be too tight to close. This doesn’t really become and issue until you try to mount a worn shaft. It’s not a big deal, but read the manual and be ready when the problem presents itself. Purchasing the quick change handpiece was a game changer for me. It is one of the few tools I use that I would just charge and figure out how to pay for if it failed rather than wait until I had the money to pay for it…Rob

I have it and it’s great with one caveat: if you use your flexshaft for polishing, switch back to the standard handpiece for those operations. I wore out two collets in five weeks because I was using it for everything including polishing, and the folks at Foredom are not the quickest service in the business- but they are, far as I can tell, the only place to get replacement collets. My qc handpiece has been in a drawer for several months because the last time I asked about getting a new collet they said they were expecting a shipment and would give me a call in 6-8 weeks, after which it would take about a month to process and ship. I don’t know what the deal was but I just ragequit the whole situation and got comfortable with the standard handpiece. I need to order a bunch of collets sometime and just have them waiting.

I have had one for over 10 years it’s brilliant. I replaced all my other jewellers hand pieces over the years we have 4 now

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i think there is a suppy cgain issue with steel things…


Unfortunately my experience of them was the same pre-pandemic. It’s not just the supply chain.

I’ve had mine for at least 5 years and JUST wore out the collet. I have been using my original hand piece while waiting for the replacement and I really miss it! It’s so much lighter, and I change bits constantly when I work.

I never had to adjust it ever until just recently, when I managed to get a few extra days out of it before it really went kaput.


i have the duplex spring version of the below, and a #30…going on 15+ years now…it is just that the duplex spring drives me bonkers…it kinda whips around a bit…kinda super bendy…i usually use the #30…but it is kinda bulky…when i want to brace fingers etc…

perhaps i should get the non duplex version…but it is pricey and so i then go down the micromotor rabbit hole…and get stuck!

i have not had any collet issues…except sometimes i have to poke the bur on my hench pin to get it to release…

i was reading reviews


Hi everyone not really changing the thread - I have a Faro quick change handpiece bought new in 1980.
The small lever which enables the opening and closing of the collet seems no longer to be functioning. It just flips from side to side with equal amount of tension.
Have any of you any experience of this handpiece?
I live in Perth in Western Australia and it would seem no one here services them.
I also have the Faro pendant motor purchased at the same time which is due for. Some TLC in the way of lubricating the flexible shaft.
Any thoughts on what to use for that?
Sorry about hijacking the thread but since everyone was talking handpiece it was too good an opportunity to miss1

I dont have as much expertise as most of the other posters, but I’ll share my experience in case it may help.
I have the H20,H30 and portable. If I could only have one of these it would be the H20 quick change. I love the portable and use it for most of my burr operations, but the one thing I notice is that the torque is substantially less at lower speeds. If I had the chance to do everything over I would buy a top of the line micro motor setup, which would hopefully replace everything else.

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