QuickBooks for Jewelers at half price

Two weeks before Christmas I emailed about an offer for QuickBooks
Pro 2009 for free with rebate. Many of you jumped on the band wagon.
Many emailed that they missed it, when will it happen again? I don’t
think you’ll see an offer like that if at all until next December.

But both staples and Office Depot have QuickBooks Pro 2009C at half
price with no rebates required in today’s newspaper, Sunday January
4, 2009.

$199.99, now only $99.99 for QuickBooks Pro 2009.

Some folks have asked if they should update if they have 2008 or
2007. I would say NO. If your QuickBooks works fine and you have 2007
or 2008 there’s no real reason to get a newer version. But if you
don’t have QuickBooks at all or have 2006 or older, then “yes sirree
Bob” I’d get it.

Staples have it for $99.99 and if you need it for 3 computers they
have a 3 user box for $299.99, which is the same as 3 boxes of
regular Pro at $99.99 each.

QuickBooks with Payroll as a Value Pak:


Staples also has a value pak of

QuickBooks Pro 2009 + QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll

For only $129.99. So for $30 more you get basic payroll, which
QuickBooks sells for $99.00 a year.


Office Depot has payroll as a separate buy, QuickBooks Basic Payroll
for $49.99. So if you bought at Office Depot:

QuickBooks Pro 2009 + QuickBooks Enhanced

You’ll spend a total of $149.98

"What’s the difference between Basic Payroll and Enhanced Payroll?

With Payroll built into QuickBooks, if you do your own payroll; then
Enhanced Payroll is the way to go, not the basic. So buy at Staples.

With Basic Payroll is calculated right in QuickBooks, checks are
printed and balances for taxes are tracked. But it doesn’t print tax
forms. You or your accountant has to fill them in. With Enhanced
Payroll QuickBooks does everything for you and will print filled in
monthly, quarterly & yearly tax forms. You can also use online tax
pay and not have to write checks.

If you’re not using QuickBooks payroll, then no problem, go to
Staples or Office Depot and get your copy for only $99.99.

You can also buy online:

Buy at Staples.com

Buy at Office Depot.com

If you’re interested in doing your own payroll, click here to see
what QuickBooks offers and compare them side by side.

If you’re completely new to QuickBooks, after installation it will
prompt you to “Make a new company”.

I wouldn’t. You need to be setup in QuickBooks specifically for a
jewelry store. When I set up a store there are four (now with buying
gold over the counter) income categories.

QuickBooks For Jewelers:

QuickBooks Income Accounts

Showcase & Special Order Sales (sales of inventory we own)
Memo Sales (sales of inventory we don’t own)
Buying Old Gold & Diamonds
Shop Sales

  1. Repair Sales
  2. Custom Design Sales
  3. Watch Repair & Batteries

Then of course there is the cost of those sales (Cost of Goods)

Cost of Goods Accounts

Showcase & Special Order Cost of Goods
Memo Cost of Goods
Buying Old Gold & Diamond cost of goods (checks we wrote to
Shop Cost of Goods:

  1. Jewelers Wages
  2. Jewelers matching taxes
  3. Findings, shop stones, gold stock, mountings
  4. Tools, gas & oxygen, laser machine lease
  5. Outside shop expenses
  6. Trade shop costs

All of this is done for you in our setup disc: QuickBooks for

You still have to own a copy of QuickBooks but buying our setup
which includes the complete setup for a jewelry store and over 99% of
accountants for store we’ve helped love the setup. It comes complete
with out QuickBooks for Jewelers manual, the CD with the setup custom
made for your company, instructions on what to do to get up to speed
and 2 hours of “my computer to your computer” connection time with
David Geller to help you with getting the most out of QuickBooks for
your store.

In addition I have the setup that matches the exporting process for:

The Edge


Jewelry Shopkeeper

If you don’t have these two point of sale programs, don’t fret. We
have QuickBooks for Jewelers setup so anyone can put the same
jeweler’s data from their point of sale program into QuickBooks with
a memorized form. In less than 8 minutes a morning you can have the
same great info as those with these programs that export directory
into QuickBooks.

And don’t forget our QuickBooks for Jewelers Workshop here in
Atlanta February 23rd & 24th:

Here’s to a much better 2009!

David Geller

But both staples and Office Depot have QuickBooks Pro 2009C at
half price with no rebates required in today's newspaper, Sunday
January 4, 2009. $199.99, now only $99.99 for QuickBooks Pro 2009. 

Similarly priced on the Costco website. Don’t know if the warehouse
prices are lower, as they sometimes are on some items.

if any one is using this program or having issues and has done the
training and had thier computer updated by david gellar i would like
to discuss it off list gustavohoefs at yahoo dot com

thanks and best regards
g hoefs