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Propane saftey?

To All - all this talk about the smith little torch and and propane
leads me to ask this inevitable question am i to assume that most of
us have gone to the expense of putting the tank outside by a licensed
contractor? or we have purchased a tank that is rated for indoor use?
or did we all just go over to the hardware store and get one of those
tanks that go on the barbyQ or better yet just borrow the one of the
gas grill since it was winter and to cold to enjoy cooking out? which
leads to the next inevitable question how many of us have a surprise
waiting for us when the pockets of propane that have collected in the
cracks and byways of the shop react to ignition? is there someone
out there who has passed a strickt (sp?) fire inpection or has an
indoor rated propane tank? i am just dying to know (bad pun) but
serious i do use propane in my shop but only for casting i actually
prefer acetelyne for repair work but not plat. pallad. or pallad
white gold. since i keep the propane for casting only i keep the tank
turned off unless im using it i always strike the flame on the
lighter BEFORE i open the torch valve and then i burn off whats in
the lines when im finished using the torch. so if some one out there
has a tank that is rated for indoor use i would like to know what it
is and who makes it and did you get it at the local welding supply?