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Preparing sparex solution

I’m reading the back of the Sparex bag and I am really confused. I
have a small dip sized crockpot and would like to know how many parts
Sparex granules to add toh ow manyparts water.

Need to know asap, thanks!


I no longer bother with Sparex because it’s so gross and nasty. I
use pH-Down instead (sold at swimming pool stores.) But both
chemicals are the same when mixing up a solution: add enough. I
usually add about a half cup to my two gallon crock pot, but really,
add a bunch and if it’s not enough, add some more.

Number one…don’t use Sparex! Get some PHDown from the Swimming
Pool supplies at the hardware store and mix acid to water…in that
small container, I’d say 2 Tablespoons PhDown to a cup of
water…adjust as needed!

Sparex will only give you a lot of floating brown, oily stuff
accumulating on the surface of the water and give you grief!

Rose Marie Christison