Preparing for New approach school course

Hey everyone!!

I’m enrolling on the three month course at I
have heard its a very fast paced class and wondered how best to
prepare for this, in terms of reading, or practicing certain elements
of metalsmithing to get them mastered before I arrive (such as
soldering). I’m a beginner, with only a little experience in

Kate if you are reading this, I’d be especially interested in knowing
how to prepare for the wax carving aspect of the course - I am
particularly excited about that part!!

Thank you!

Hello Lucy, First I’d have the list of tools on hand when you
arrive. Second, a notebook for jotting down tips and hints during
instruction. Get enough rest take your vitamins (if you use them),
eat good meals, and always talk to the other students on your break
for extra insights and tips that you might not have caught if it is a
fast paced program. I’ve found that being clean clean clean with your
bench will bring you ease, and better work. Organization, focus,
concentration, and the desire to be very good at what you do is key.
Good Luck and have fun !

Margie Mersky

Hi Lucy

Blaine is a very patient and excellent teacher. Nothing you need to
hone up on, just bring an open mind and excitement. You’ll do great

David Geller

Blaine is first class. I took the Stone Setting Comprehensive,
walking in there never having set a stone in my life. After 5 days I
walked out carrying 8 rings I’d set myself- all with different
settings, flush, bezel, channel, prong, etc. It was worth every

Larry Heyda

Hello Lucy,

I concur…Blaine is an excellent instructor and his school is
“top-flight”. I am a recruiter in the jewelry industry placing bench
jewelers in jobs across the U.S. I have been fortunate to assist
several of Blaine’s graduates in securing bench jobs, and without
fail they perform beautifully and enjoy success in their jobs. Good
luck…you’re on the right course to a successful career.

Vic Davis
Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.