Polishing with micro motor

Good morning !!
Last night I was cleaning up some silver casted pieces.
Sometimes I have a lot of bulk material to take off once it has been casted, I usually remove this this using some sort of sanding wheel on my micro motor. I then proceeded to use finer and finer grit / different attachments along with various polishing compounds to reach a high shine mirror finish. This morning, the cold light of day has turned my once bright and shiny pieces into foggy and scratched lumps of metal.

Does anyone have any tips on efficient, works every time processes of polishing for a micromotor please as well as which bits to use etc I would really appreciate it.

I hope everyone has a great day today.

If what you are doing is removing investment, a magnetic pin finishing machine is pretty much what folks use. It gets the white stuff out of recesses and leaves a somewhat burnished finish.
Judy H

I use a simple barrel polisher filled with steel shot to finish off my castings once I’ve removed the sprue and major scratches. It gives my pieces a softer burnished polish but lets me get on with other things.