Pieces Turning Black in Tumbler

Hi… I need some help. I am having a horrible problem with my mass
finishing system. I use a vibratory finisher with Stainless steel
shot. I have been using Dawn dish washing liquid with warm water and
leaving the finisher on for a couple of hours and my results have
been very nice up until a week ago. My silver is turning black after
about 20 minutes in the finisher. I went to Rio and purchased their
stainless steel shot cleaner and cleaned it three times as
recommended and then completely rinsed the shot and used their Super
Sunsheen liquid with the Stainless steel instead of the Dawn and my
silver turned black in 15 minutes… If you have any experience with
this problem please help… Thank you so much…

Ava Yetter

I once had a similar problem and found I had too much sulphur in my
water. Had to use distilled. The sulphur was turning the silver


Hi Ava… I had the same problem. My shot turned black and so did
whatever was in the tumbler. I took the shot out and soaked it in
lacquer thinner then rinsed it off in warm water. I also wiped out
the tumber, put the shot back in added a drop of Dawn, water to
cover the shot and I was good to go.

The posts seemed to be talking about Draino and Coca Cola which
seems to do the same thing in terms of cleaning.



I had the same problem on several occasions and found out my local
water supply was the culprit.

I started using bottled water and haven’t had a problem since. The
solution I found was to disconnect and thoroughly clean every part
of the flow-thru system (bucket, pump, hoses), scrub the tumbler
bowl, and clean and rinse the shot well. Without reconnecting the
flow-thru, run the Super Sunsheen liquid (and bottled water) with
the shot for a few hrs. Then, drain the tumbler and run bottled
water through the shot until it drains clean. Reconnect your
flow-thru with a fresh batch of solution, and your silver should
come out shiny again.

Hope this helps.

Lyn Punkari