Personal hallmark stamp recommendations

Hi all,

Any good recommendations to have a personal hallmark stamp

Karen Christians

Hi Karen

Years ago I had Indian Jewelers Supply in Gallup, NM make mine. It
is holding up and makes a great impression. They are still taking
orders for them. Rio takes orders also.

Rose Marie Christison


Denis Ortola in France is very good. However, not sure if this is
anywhere near you!

Gee Backhouse

Any good recommendations to have a personal hallmark stamp

Try Microstamp, link copied below.

A very satisfied customer.

First may I point out why we call this punch a hallmark punch. This
name derives from the manufacturer’s punch designs, registered at
the Goldsmith’s Hall Assay Office in London, hence the name
“Hallmark” relating to the mark of the Hall, which is the shortened
name we use over here in the UK when referring to the Assay Office of
the Goldsmith’s Hall. Goldsmiths and jewellers in the UK can apply to
the Goldsmith’s Hall for a name punch, after applying they will send
out suggestions for punch designs using your initials or company
name, they make sure that your punch is unique to you. They have
punchmakers on their books who will make the punches in any size for
you, including cranked punches for stamping inside rings, then when
you have your punch made the design is registered to you only and it
is stamped onto a copper sheet and held in the records of the
Goldsmith’s hall. There is a small five year fee for Hall

So if you are in the UK and want an officially registered Hallmark
punch, do it through the Goldsmith’s Hall. I am not sure about the
rest of the world but it is possible that the Hall may do this
service for others, it costs nothing to ask. for email addresses.

The Goldsmith’s Hall Assay Office marks are recognised worldwide as
a trusted mark of gold carats and silver purities. I registered my
mark at the Goldsmith’s Hall in the 1970s and it has my initials JM
inside a butterfly shaped shield. In those years I made many
butterflies to decorate my pieces so the punch design was apt.

Peace and good health to all
James Miller FIPG

Hello Karen,

Try To my knowlege they are competitive and do a
good job. The usual disclamer: not affilated but a happy customer.
Hope this helps.


Infinity Stamps. They have a website, They do
excellent work and have a not-too-long turnaround time.

Vicki K


Thanks for the unique reference and idea. I never thought of
registering a hallmark in the UK, but I certainly sell tools there.
To have a mark made in the physical and metaphorical sense for my
tools and jewelry is unique. I have a new logo which they could play
with, while Cleverwerx is incubating. Brilliant. I’ll check it out.
Useful re(mark). Fun with puns. LOL

Karen Christians

Rio offers this service., check out their tool catalog.