Passing on the odd tip

After 45++ years in the manufacturing jewellery trade time to pass
on items and tricks learned. Some older tradespeople will be
uninterested, younger open minded may get something from it. 1 item
to start, I may add others at later times. Sandpaper -for machine and
benchwork. After struggling with substandard sandpaper that performed
very poorly a few years ago I obtained well over 50 different types
available from wet, wet+dry and dry and tested them all on sticks,
handpiece mandrels and machine shafts, and even for
sharpening/polishing hand scrapers. All types never lasted, tore,
lost useful grit quickly, clogged up etc, all except one. I, and
others in the trade only use this type now- from 240 to 600 grit in
its dry state. [Well worn the 600 acts like an 800/900 grit] --Norton
Champagne Magnum BD No-Fil Adalox A275 - P grade B-WT. Made in
Canada.-- This paper is a brownish-pink colour. Note -there are other
slightly similar Norton papers but these are nowhere near as good. If
you can obtain even one sheet please try it, it may save may hours


Thank you cjh… Us whipper-snappers sometimes don’t even know what
questions to ask so I think this is a great idea… And tkx for the
tip… I will look for this paper


HI there CJH that was a very good tip on the sand paper, i felt
inspired soi thought I would input some of my own experience with
sandpaper. I have found it is of increased economic & convenient
benefit to buy in bulk, also bulk sand paper suppliers can inform
you about the finer points of the grit bonding agent for the grit and
the paper and all the different grades of paper. Should you want to
go very high tech about 12 years ago i glued some of the diamond pads
from crystalite to my sanding sticks then i showedthem how nifty and
creative i was & asked for a job in ther R&D dept. Now they sell
these sticks already made up and i am still on my own HA! -Goo

Where can we get these paper, I live in Canada, could you let me
know which company carry them? Thank you for the tip.


Just go online and look up Norton sandpaper. You can find it in all
kinds of grits, including rolls that have self sticking backs. Try
eBay under Norton sandpaper, I purchased a fifty sheet pack for

You can find Norton sand paper on the Lee Valley website.

Anna - you must do a search on yahoo or google using key words like
sandpaper suppliers, then it depends if you are a business or not
they may or may not sell to you. You can ask questions about the
product, the types of paper the grit the way it is bonded etc. so
that you can make a judgement about which one is best suited to your
needs. for the diamond plated pads use key words like diamond plated
prodeucts or diamond abrasives etc. and you can find the companies
which sell or manufacture these types of products -

happy searching - Goo