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Oval dapping block and punches

Hi, I am thinking there must be a way if “doming” ovals other than by using a dapping block and punches, since they are unavailable (except for the block, in wood) everywhere I’ve looked. Could you please enlighten me how to do this - I was hoping to make spoons. Best wishes, Anna


They are available. Do an internet search for spoon forming stakes.

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A quick google search shows the following.

Oval Dapping Set

For forming oval shapes in a wide range of sizes. The hardened steel dike has 16 depressions ranging in size from 7-3/4 mm x 9-3/4mm to 20 mm x 28 mm. The 4 punches are also made from hardened steel… Comes with wood. stand. Made in Italy.

SKU: 190-214



Cut out the wanted shape from a piece of 1/4" plexiglass. Break the edges with a file or sand paper. Place the Plexi on top, your piece of metal ijn the middle and a piece of Urethane on bottom (thickness and density effect the ‘dome’ made. Press. Take out the metal and saw around the domed portion. Whallah!

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I have done this with my hydraulic press. It works well for lighter gauge metal. I like to dome 16 - 18 gauge and I am not sure if it will work on these heavier gauges. Time to test it out…Rob

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If you want to make spoons, a spoon stake is best for repeatable domeing. If you just want to wing it - use an end grain piece of wood or stump and beat an oval depression with your old ball peen hammer.


I agree with the spoon stake recommendation, that seems budget friendly plus it’s so much fun to form metal around stakes :grin:. I see some recommendations for urethane used with a die, but unless you have access to a hydraulic press, that won’t help you. If you are going to use a press and haven’t before, please review both instructions and safety guidelines. It’s a tremendous amount of pressure as far as potential debris flying at high velocity if used incorrectly. Good luck with your spoon!

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I have spoon stakes and use them to form irregular and oval shapes with resin in my hydraulic press. You are correct to caution the use of a press. It is a lot of pressure and if the stake or whatever you are pushing into the resin is not securely held or at least evenly held, it can kick out and possibly injure you…Rob


Sorry, not resin, but urethane (90d).

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I went to a spoon making workshop with Meghan Faulkner in Aberdeen Scotland and she taught this method of forming a spoon.

Draw your oval shape on a piece of plexiglass…drill a whole and saw this shape out. Do this on 3 pieces of plexiglass…each 1/4 inch thick. Stack them and line up the oval holes. Tape the sides so that the oval shape lines up neatly. File the interior edges smooth. Lay a flat piece of silver or copper metal sheet over the hole. The metal sheet should be at least .8mm thick.

Lay a thick layer of Bluetack over the area of the hole and strike with a hammer. The hammer blows will cause the silver sheet to dip into the hole formed in the plexiglass. After about 3 sets of hammer blows remove the silver and anneal it. Pickle briefly and then Return the silver sheet to the mould and repeat until you get the correct depth.
It may need annealing 3 or 4 times.

Remove and saw out your spoon bowl shape. File edges smooth and form your handle from twisted wire. Solder your silver handle onto the bowl, you can add a finial too if you want it to look more elegant.


This is brilliant! Thank you.

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Just saw this in my email from Pepe.

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If you have ever seen the plastic that softens when warm, you can use that. You could even use an actual spoon to shape it. You can make a base and a stamp to hammer it into. You can grind that shape into a piece of hardwood or nylon as well with ball burs or a sander.
Hope that helps

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Thank you! I have the oval disc cutter but I am hoping to get an oval dapping block and punches, from a country other than the US, as the shipping cost is very very high from there. Thanks so much for looking.

In London UK, Steve Wager runs occasional spoon making workshops at 24 Vanguard Court, SE5 8QT. I learnt much of my silversmithing from him at Hatton Garden and at Sir John Cass / London Metropolitan Uni.

Yep. Fretz, in fact, has three sizes of spoon forming stakes.

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I googled “spoon stakes” and found these. Good idea. Would love to see what you end up making.

Spoon forming stakes are the best way to form, but if you want to go real cheap with a bit of labor, find a railroad spike and smooth out the top. It works.

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Contenti carries Fretz as well as economy spoon stakes…

Exactly what I did last year…ran into an appropriately shaped railroad spike in a thrift store for a couple of bucks and brought it home and worked on it with (I think) a belt sander and several grit sized belts and then some sandpaper and buffs…worked out real well…goes nicely with my railroad track anvil. That cost eight bucks and a LOT of work with the belt sander…LOL…