Outsourcing Jewelry Repair - Do you do it?

Does anyone outsource any of their repair work? If so, what do you outsource, to whom, why and how often?

Thanks for sharing!

Hello Sandy, Not sure if you were looking for someone to do repair for you but we are a repair shop in Holladay, UT. The name of our company is Ringer Inc we are registered with JBT. We have a full range of services from 3D printing casting and general repair. We are not open to the public we only deal with stores. If this is something that is of interest please email us back.


Outsourcing can be a most valuable exercise. I am a proficient diamond setter, but to delve into unknown territory as in jewellery repairs, is not my forte’. When I was taught setting in a large company, I was taught only that!! I leave the jewellery mechanics to those who excel in their own world.
Again , even today, I see many great setters in this city doing the same. Even a simple sizing is left to that person!!!

Gerry Lewy!..

I have high standards for jewelry making and restoration.
I am so vested in making the best things I can, that I am willing to
admit that sometimes I am not up to my own standards. That’s when I am
happy to support a fellow craftsman that I know and trust.
Knowing when to say “No” is really important.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

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Hello Sandy, good morning!
I learned that we can not be good at everything, so I decided to outsource foundry work in wax , to supply customers in this form of art.
Now I spend my time in the cutting work facets gems and some jewelry welding.

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I do some of my own gem setting but send alot of it out. That is a skill I look forward to acquiring!


I do a good bit of the more difficult repairs and setting work for several other jewelers nearby. They each have their own shop, but I have a laser, and over 40 years experience at repair work. They will send me the work that they feel I can do better than they can in their in house shop.

I never sought this outside work, or advertise for it, but when a jeweler come to me to help them out of a bind, they very have often continued to bring me jobs that they feel they are not well suited to doing themselves.

Repairing jewelry, while it is related to creating jewelry uses another kind of skill set, and one that requires a broad selection of tools and techniques that not every shop has. Why not find someone near you, who has the skill set, as this lets the producing jeweler continue to do what he or she does best, and at a better profit than they might earn doing an occasional repair?

Just my opinion.

Hi Melicia
If you wish to learn more about stone-setting contact me ‘off-line’.

Gerry Lewy

www.gemsettingtutor.com http://www.gemsettingtutor.com

I have to outsource some of my work. I can not get it all done in what I consider a timely manner. We are in small town America(Population 15,000) and whether it is true or not, I feel that am doing 3/4 of the town’s work.I have found two teams in Dallas that help me to stay on top of it all. We are a two man shop, my husband does what he does with excellence(clock watch, lapidary,faceting), but he is no jeweler. I do have a lady that comes in one day a week to clean, as I do not have time for that also. I am praying that a jeweler will retire to the Lake Fork area and want to work a day or two a week. That would take care of about 1/2 of my outsourcing.

Knowing when to say “No”.
Boy, isn’t that the truth!
Speaking of that, I am in long term search for a 2 x 4mm fairly clean and well saturated emerald baguette…

Ken Weston

Hi @sandy, I’ve used for quite a while and had excellent luck with Jewel Craft. They are out of Erlanger, KY (USA). It’s a very professional and streamlined operation.

I do hand engraving for the trade and most of my wholesale customers are good bench jewelers that haven’t put the time into that skill set. I send out watchmaking work because I don’t have time to mess with it. It is good to have a few specialists in your pocket. BTW @seth-ganoskin-admin I am well acquainted with Jewel Craft and help them out on occasion. Great group of people with good organization.

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Hey cool! @WADEDESIGNS1, I actually don’t have a good contact for hand engraving! Could you provide your email and maybe throw up some pictures of the type of work you do? I’d like to add you to my rolodex.


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very nice engraving work john


Laura S-A

The price list on www.wdwholsale.com is keystone. and there are a good many samples on www.wadedesignsjewelry.com. Phone numbers address and all that stuff is there. I do a hand engraving work sheet that I hope idiot proofs the process. They are on a tear off pad and I send them out to all new customers upon request. I say all this partly to show that if you are going to offer outsourcing you have to make it easy and convenient. Jewelry store owners are way short on time and patience, I know, I used to be one. Many stores are just not big enough to have a full time bench person. But they need to offer all of these services to be competitive. They need fast, warranted high quality work. And they want it at a competitive price. That being said I have stopped trying to be the cheapest guy around and don’t do work for most of the really big dogs in the business. Seems like the bigger they are the slower they pay. Mom and Pop stores with a good JBT rating pay fast and appreciate your skills. I fear for that end of my business because so many of them are closing up.

hi Angela
tried to contact you via your website, it came back in error.will try your phone.

Not yet, but are you fishing for work?

Determining if there is a demand?