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Hi All - we are experiencing a bit of “slowness” on searches and general forum performance. We are diagnosing the issue now. Right now search is taking 9 seconds to return results, and we are working on that as well :slight_smile: .

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An update here… just moved us to a new host machine, search speed improved by 50-60%. Additional tweaks to site speed are impending. Stay tuned.

Search of the entire archive completes in less than one second. All improvements are made. Try out a search for something like “Argentium” and see what you think - it’s pretty amazing!

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Is there a way to choose which discussions you want to receive or must you receive them all. While it’s okay viewing this Site Feedback thread, I don’t really want to see it forever.

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@MikiSunshine Michele - That’s a good question. I am absolutely sure the forum software has settings that either you can adjust individually for your preferences, or we can adjust globally. I’ve heard from a few people it’s too much email traffic. This is a good question for @leah-ganoksin-admin. We are definitely planning to revisit how email and discourse (the forum software we use) interact… we wanted to get it out in the wild and see people using it first and we will certainly tweak. This is high priority for us to look into - stay tuned please.

Yeah! Getting used to the new format. So far, good for move for me!

Eileen ‘Snowgoose’ Washington

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I haven’t been posting for over a year but someone else using my email posts. I’ve tried to get this resolved and even called but it still keeps happening. Now that you have a new format could you fix this for me? It’s very strange to see a post that is attached to me but I didn’t write it.

please email us at support@ganoksin.com and we can look into this for you.

Hi @MikiSunshine, There’s this feature called “Muting” a category when you don’t want to receive emails and other notifications from that category. Coincidentally, yesterday I attempted to “Mute” the Site Feedback category for everyone. I hope it worked!

You can also choose to Mute any other categories you want. What you do is this:

  1. Make sure are logged in
  2. Go to the main page of the Category you want to Mute
  3. Click on the drop down menu in the upper right (directly next to to the New Topic button) and choose “Muted” from that list