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Trouble Signing Up


Seth: The same thing happened to me about with this and all I got was
"unable to create order id 0: error" I tried 4-5 times…and gave up!!!

Gerry Lewy

Orchid Slowness
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Re: [Ganoksin Orchid] Summary
Orchid Slowness

Happened to me too. Just sent a note to them. b


Hi @lon_jones1 , @Gerald_Lewy and @barbbear35. I’ve fixed up your accounts and emailed you the details. Thanks for your patience! Most signups are working fine but there has been a glitch here and there.


Hello --

When I click the link to re-subscribe to Ganoksin and fill out the form I get the following error:

"unable to create order id 0: error ="

I have been on the Orchid forum for several years now and wish to continue.


-- Lon Jones


Thanks so much Leah.

Best, Taf


I am having the same problem with the same error message. Any advice ?


@Molly_Pere1 Leah is working on the issue. In the meantime, just email "" and we will get you squared away! Sorry for the inconvenience!


I am not sure if I was successful in my sign up for the new Orchid.
Been a lurker for years but am now opening a studio/gallery so I wish
to participate more. Tried to log in but couldn’t. Can you fix this for
me please?
Desta Marbury
Desmirada Designs


hi @Desta. No worries. The fact that you have access suggests to me you are all set up! If you have problems, email @leah-ganoksin-admin who is at


Thanks for the site. It was easy to join up. Will the Orchid community still be available via email or is going to be strictly web based from now on?


@MikiSunshine you can still reply by email, but it is far preferable to interact either on your phone or on your computer. We will likely remove the reply to the emails functionality for a variety of reasons, mostly that it’s creating some big formatting and search problems for Orchid. Welcome and enjoy! I’m glad you are here.


It should be simple to build a script to remover the markup so that
replies all go out plain text.

#13 removing the markup is not particularly challenging, I think Discourse may actually do that natively (we just need to play with it). The challenging part is all the extraneous text like “sent from my galaxy phone” etc etc etc… :slight_smile:


Hi Michele,
I have tried on many occasions - over the last year to unsubscribe to Orchid, and again in the last few days on 3 occasions and I am still receiving emails.
I am no longer following Orchid and I would appreciate it if you could remove me from the list.

Thank you,


Hi @Christel_van_der_Laa no problem @leah-ganoksin-admin will cancel you and unsubscribe your account.


No offense, but I hope not. I prefer to read Orchid through my email reader. I’m already on too many forums and often forget to check them. If, however, I receive it in my email, I am always sure to check what’s new and going on. Naturally, if I choose, I’d like to be able to continue to rely via email too. Not everyone has the time or patience to wade through forums that to you may seem logical and laid out intuitively. However to some of us, it just makes it harder to read what we want and without missing something that might have scrolled off, that we’re interested in but haven’t had a chance to view yet.

I know you’ve got the Unread and the Latest up there, but as soon as you leave it, it’s gone and unless you made special note of which subject line or category it was in, you might not be able to find it again. Especially once this site takes off with more users.

Though it’s possible, Orchid may lose members due to these issues. I am a lurker and have been for years. While I no longer make jewelry due to illness and circumstances, I still want to learn and increase my knowledge about it should I ever be able to get back to it. It’s also my lurker way of keeping up with my old friends who helped me so much when I started out. :slight_smile: Hence, I’m still here.


Thanks for weighing in @MikiSunshine. Even if we removed the ability to post by email we could keep the ability to receive every post by email. And then you’d click a button in the email and come to the forum to post a reply. Just a thought! We’ll definitely give it some time and see what makes sense after we all get used to this new system.


Seth,I was on the old email list but I don’t believe I was an actual “member”, as I don’t have alogin ID or psw.
What do I need to do?
Thanks,Jerry Fleming


Hi @Jerry_Fleming - @leah-ganoksin-admin will get you squared away.


I usually don’t go to the website as seen from my last visit on February 2.
I rely on the emails that used to come daily. I would not mind a small fee
to continue the daily emails with the opportunity to visit the site for
historical reference.