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Ramblings of a self-trained jeweller - first foray into the world of
blogging! by helengems

Hi folks! A quick introduction. My name is Helen Hill and I live in
Preston, Lancashire in the UK. In spring 2006, I decided to try my
hand at making silver and gemstone jewellery - something I had wanted
to do for many years but had not previously had the opportunity to
do. I spent 12 months reading many books and websites on the subject
(including the brilliant Orchid/Ganoksin website) and gathering as
much as I could. I bought tools, gems and books in
preparation for me beginning in the spring of 2007. My husband bought
me a gorgeous jeweller’s bench and I ordered my first lot of silver
sheet, wire and solder. I had collected a basic set of tools to get
me started and was using a cook’s “creme brulee” torch for

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Cabochon Cage Tutorial

The Rasmussen Cage for holding stones. This is a tutorial for how to
create a cage to hold stones primarily for pendants in necklaces. All
pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them…

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New necklace and bracelet set, Sapphire Flowers

Just this morning, 10-2-08 finished a necklace and bracelet set I
have been working on for 3 weeks. I made it out of Argentium
Sterling Silver and 18 Karat Gold set with Sapphire cabachons. I
bought the cabs from Tim Roark out of Atalanta, GA.

The past few months I have been working with the spiculum shapes
which are tapered hollow tubes I make out of 22 gauge sheet silver.
I start bending the tubes by using my Bonny Doon press which is my
favorite tool. I push the cut out sheet into urethane then finish
the tubes with a hammer to join the seems…

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Art Show Pitfalls to Avoid For New Exhibiting Artists

During my seven years of exhibiting at art shows in Texas, New
Mexico, and Colorado, I learned some things that I wish I had known
before I started. I hope that I can help newbies avoid some of the
costly mistakes I made and make better choices upfront. This
covers only the negative aspects of exhibiting at art
shows. You won’t need to be prepared for a “positive blow” to your
body or your pocketbook! This is part one of a two-part article…

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New Gemstones

I been playing around with cutting and carving some stones. The first
stone is a pink tourmaline that is carved on the top and then
faceted in a standard brilliant pavillion at the bottom. It weigh
3.6carats. After I have drilled the hole in the center I polish the
inside of the hole. Then I make a white gold tube, set the diamond
in it and then press fit the gold into the tourmaline. The same for
the amethyst, (3.5carats) except that I drill and polish the hole
first and then facet the stone around the hole, as it were…

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Cabbing Away
John Rasmussen

I am still working on 14 cabs, the emeralds are turning out well
(one will become a ring for my youngest daughter); the unikite is
absolutely beautiful. Fall weather has come to the Upstate, cool
evenings and mild days (for folk outside this area, cool is 60
degrees, sometimes 70 degrees; mild is in the 80s). I get so
involved in my stone work that I forget what time it is, that throws
my biorhythm way off…

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To introduce myself

Goldsmithing is one of the most fascinating and even mysterious
human endeavors. I cannot name any other occupation, where one must
be a craftsman, a scientist, a philosopher, and the last but not the
least is a thinker…

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Jim Binnion

Neckpiece in platinum, 18k gold and pure iron with Tahitian pearl
Here is a neckpiece commissioned by a friend as a Christmas present
for his wife last year. It is a laminate of platinum, 18k yellow
gold and iron with a customer supplied Tahitian pearl. The central
bar is platinum as is the finding loop on the back for the chain.
It was designed to slide onto a 4mm platinum Omega chain that his
wife already owned. The first design challenge was that…

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Necklace: “Changing Sides”
Cynthia Eid

This new piece is called Changing Sides, because each unit is
reversable, and as the necklace is worn, each bead/unit is apt to
flip over, and change sides from all-silver with texture to silver
with gold kum boo. The piece changes dynamically, as the wearer
moves, or chooses which designs to show the world…

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All Things Metal Clay Joins the Orchid Blog Network
Elaine Luther

I=B4ve been a member of the Orchid forum almost since the beginning.
Like lots of Orchid members, I read the list in the morning over a
cup of coffee…

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Two Rings Finished
Hans Meevis

Late yesterday a couple walked into our shop and bought these two
rings below. I had to size them for today and do some small
alterations on them. And we had to go for dinner with some
friends/clients, so it all became a bit hectic…

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Welcome to Tschetter Studio!
Patricia Tschetter

Welcome to Tschetter Studio Blog! Let me introduce myself. My name
is Patricia Tschetter and I have been a metalsmith since 1998. I
specialize in granulation, a surface decoration of small granules of
metal fused to metal to create patterns. Granulation has been around
for 5000 years and was perfected by the Etruscans (northern Italy)
around 2500 B.C. I work primarily in yellow gold but…

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Jewelry Tourism: Asheville, N.C.
Elaine Luther

I’m back from a week in the mountains of North Carolina, where I
visited the Southern Highland Guild’s Folk Art Center. It’s
definitely worth the visit if you’re nearby. One of the jewelry
artists currently showing work there is Sharon Bailey…

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My New “Toys”
Beth Wicker

I am a confessed “tool junkie”, and love new tools of all types. I
have just managed to get two new “toys” set up this week, and am
having a blast with them. The first is a used…

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Call for Entries: Gallery Show for High School Metalsmiths
Elaine Luther

The Third National Juried High School Metals Exhibition will take
place February-March 2009 at the Sheffield Wood Gallery in the Fine
Arts Center, a fine arts magnet high school…

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New experience-blogging
Alma Rands

Finally the rainy season here in the great Pacific Northwest has
arrived, which means it will be easier for me to pull myself away
for attention at one time, and to settle down in the studio for some
serious work. One of my main concerns has been the high cost of
metals and I have been casting about for ways to cut down on the
amount of silver or gold being used, and yet not compromise my
designs. So far, the best solution I have is to set my cabochons
without a backing. I plan to solder a…

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From my bench: Shell formed ring in 22k and Iron
Jim Binnion

Here is another iron / precious metal mokume gane item. This one
again required some thinking on how to get a large volume shape
without trying to carve the whole thing from a solid block. Due to
the size of the stone 14mm x 10mm it was going to be a large ring.
My solution is a shell formed ring. The blank was 2mm thick so that
the ring would have a substantial heft but still be way lighter than
a solid ring. This allows the ring to withstand any knocking about
it might receive during its lifetime without denting…

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Website Tips: How to avoid “First-Time-Viewer” frustrations
Virginia Vivier

When was the last time you examined your website from the point of
view of a First-Time-Viewer? It’s so easy for all of us to take our
websites for granted, thinking they are working 24/7 as our silent
Sales force. Do you want to keep your website user-friendly for the
First-Time-Viewer? Here are 5 (free) tips…

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Another Kind of Jewelry

Jewelry is a form of art associated with human body. Some people
even refer to jewelry as wearable art. It exists at different levels
of commerce, design and fine art. People buy jewelry sometimes for
pure enjoyment, other times for the compliments and attention it may
bring to the wearer, or even for its intrinsic value. Historically,
jewelry has been used to…

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Founded in January 2008, Tanim’s initiative is the first of its kind
in Thailand to promote the new perspective and interpretation of the
jewelry/metalsmithing art of our time. Moreover, Tanim is the first
group that supports the culture and knowledge of studio
jewelry/metalsmithing in Thailand…

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Ancient Goldsmiths
Leonid Surpin

The metal of choice for a goldsmith is gold. It is not to say that
other metals are not used from time to time, but gold plays the
dominant role in the goldsmithing. The earliest known gold artifacts
are from a burial site known as Varna Necropolis, Bulgaria. They were
dated to 5-th millennia B.C. I was able to locate photo of the
artifacts on the Internet. I wish I could give proper credit to
whoever took the photo, but it was put on the Internet without any
identification. If someone knows the name of the photographer, I
would gladly update this text with the proper attribution…

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Tom Arnold

Hello all, I would like to thank Hanuman for this chance to talk
(probably too much). I was born a compulsive fixer. Whether it was
bicycles for friends or doll strollers, I was the kid broken stuff
was brought to. In 1955 I started working for my dad ( a jeweler in
Los Angeles). In 1960, I bagan a formal apprenticeship with a friend
of his named Al Lightner…

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Flask Blow Out

There must be something going on with the flask blow out described
in the posts. I have invested and cast flasks from 2 1/2 inches to 6
inches for thirty years. I have had only two blow outs that I can
remember. Something in the steps I take prevents blowouts or the
casting gremlins are busy elsewhere when I cast. The frustrating
thing about casting is that what works for one may not work for
others. Knowing this I risk telling what I do in investing and
casting my flasks. Some of the techniques will probably leave
casters thinking “NO WAY THAT WON’T WORK.” However I have had
success following these steps. Maybe these steps will lead to clues
as to why blow outs happen…

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Various Pieces
John Donivan

My photography has varied greatly over the years - I’m not
pretending these are all great shots, just representations of the
work… Some of these are fairly recent, the rest go back maybe 20
years - a fair cross section. I made the bell in about 1985, for
instance. I tried to pick some more unusual things I’ve done, instead
of endless jewelry shots

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Original Forehead Stamp
John Donivan

One day when I lived in Honolulu, I was watching Hawaii 5-O. A lady
was sitting in a bar, someone walked up to her and said something,
and she replied, “Do I look like I have Stupid stamped on my
forehead?” And I thought that someone should make such a thing,
someday. So, around ten years later that someday finally came. I
never title anything, but since this has a backstory with it, it is
titled “Curious Object Found in a Wooded Glen.”

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How to make a Silver Whistle
Hans Meevis

About a year or so ago, I was commissioned to make a whistle in the
shape of a Christian Cross. My customer is a captain of a racing
yacht, and he uses the whistle to communicate with his crew when
they race. I made about five or so models before I got the pitch and
volume right.The end result looked like this…

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Who is this guy Alberic, and how’d Brian end up with his website?

First, I’d like to thank Hanuman for offering to drag me (kicking &
screaming) into the 21st century. I’m a relatively private sort, so
I’d never considered a blog before Hanuman contacted me. Although I
never would have admitted it before I arrived in California, at
heart, I’m a midwesterner. What this means to a blog is that if I
have nothing to sayI’ll say nothing. There may be weeks that go by
before I have anything I consider worth saying. I don’t have time to
waste typing filler, and I don’t expect anyone else has time to
waste reading it. So

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Monday Night Football and Jewelry
John Rasmussen

Tonight is great, the purple people eaters are willing, and i am
cutting stones at the same time; well, i’m writing on the blog right
now. The 100 carat emerald is 25 x 20 mm and 15 mm deep; looks like
a kevlar army helmet. The 18 x 13 emerald cab will be for my
daughter (her birthstone) as a prenatal baby shower gift…

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Eyes Open Brain in Gear

My acetylene tank is near empty so I think for now I will leave it
and when the studio is build I can put it in a ton of insulation and
run a power cord from the house to run a space heater. Have to check
safety issues with acetylene air torch and space heaters. The unit
will be large 1224 feet minimum so I may be able to keep them 24
feet apart. Best to check…

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About Me

I was a computer whiz kid of the seventies. A car accident and
Traumatic Brain Injury in Dec 1999 changed everything. The only
complete skill knowledge left to me was my college education. Fine
Art (sculpture) and Archaeology(Paleontology)…

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First Bola

This is one of the first bolas I ever created. I did not sell it
because the natural Bisbee turquoise cab is irreplaceable. Natural
Bisbee turquoise is almost impossible to get especially this size of
a stone.

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Playing with my rolling mill

I have been playing with my “new” rolling mill this week, and really
enjoying the resulting textures. I have a rather extensive fabric
collection, and am working my way through the cloth with interesting
textures to see what does will with the metal. I am NOT an expert at
rolling mills! That said, I took some photos of my process today,
and they might be helpful to other beginners.

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Some Digital Photography Tips

In one of my prior lives I was a professional photgrapher. This was
long before digital, but I have kept up my skills, and added to them
as the digital age unfolded. So here are a few tips for using and
editing digital photos. Digital cameras use some form of computer
memory - often a card - to store the pictures. Just as a hard drive
needs to be periodically defragged, you should reformat your media
every now and then. This wipes everything back to a new state, and
helps to stabilize the media. Be sure you have removed all photos
that you want from the media first, as everything will be
permanently erased.

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Necklace in Sterling and Coral
Sam Patania

This was the first spiculum floral necklace I made. It was made in
the spring of 2008. I had wanted to work with the spiculum form
since I learned about it in Mike Croft’s metalsmithing class at the
University of Arizona in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. My
experiment was to see if I could bend the spiculum and join them
together, then as the piece progressed I added the Coral ovals and
the forged bead wires of different sizes. I make the chain of
smaller spiculums, some of which I totally enclosed as if they were
an unopened flower…

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Necklace in Sterling and Branch Coral
Sam Patania

This necklace took me years to make. My grandfather, Frank Patania,
Sr. purchased the Branch Coral in the 1950’s when he took a trip
back to his homeland of Italy. Since my grandfather died in 1964, my
father had this coral and used much of it over the years. I had seen
this coral in the vault of my family’s business all my
apprenticeship and when I took over the business in 1990 it became

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Necklace, Azurite and Sterling
Sam Patania

I took a break from the floral element pieces I have been making
over the past several months to make this forged sterling necklace.
I have been wanting to use this Azurite/Malachite I bought from my
friend, Bruce Mead, in '06 but, just came up with this idea

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Two New Rings
Hans Meevis

This is the tourmaline I carved a few posts back, set in 14ct gold
and silver. It just had to go for a floral type ring. I like setting
little diamonds in little gold balls that I solder on. The background
is blackened with Liver of Sulphur I like making rings like this. I’m
going to make some more…

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What is Jewelry?

This word is so familiar to all of us. We buy jewelry. We wear
jewelry. Some of us make jewelry. While some sell jewelry. But what
does Jewelry mean to us, especially here in Thailand?..

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Introducing Harbor Jewelers
Peggy Wilson

Harbor Jewelers is a partnership of 2 goldsmiths who got sick and
tired of doing shows after about 20 years of traveling. We opened
our store in Chesapeake, VA in April 2007, and continued doing shows
as we grew the store business. Today we are packing for our 3rd to
last show.counting down to the end of the year. In 2009, we will
focus on the store and let others have the fun of doing shows…

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Double sided free form bezel

Customers pearl, silver 32mm x 16mm. The construction method used
for this type of setting is described in the second half my post in
the Orchid archives
Bezel setting with no back - Jewelry Discussion - Ganoksin Orchid Jewelry Forum Community for Jewelers and Metalsmiths

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Life as a Jewellery Designer

I haven’t been so happy about any job that I have ever done as I am
about this. Also what makes it so enjoyable is when people order
jewellery they have seen in my bag, or when I am wearing it…

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What’s a Metalsmith?

Let’s start off with a bang. This is something that I wrote during
the whole firestorm over Metalsmith’s Exhibition in Print this year.
It went into my “sleep on it before posting” pile, and then the
conversation changed, so I never did post it. I’m posting it here,
because I’m still curious about the message’s central question:
What’s a metalsmith?..

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70 going on 2008
Larry Whittington

The title makes no sense! As I sit here writing my first blog, it
make sense to me. I am 70 and life is going on in 2008. I am a
Lapidary who loves working with rocks. But not just every rock. I
like rocks that polish. But not every rock that will polish. I like
the agates, jasper, and petrified wood and similar materials. These
make nice specimens especially when part of the piece is

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Palmetto Bug
John Rasmussen

A great feeling tonight, at least for a small time. Finished 11 of
the 14 cabochons. The unakite, 1 sodalite and 1 emerald fell off
their dops before I finished. The sodalite and unikite were easy to
recover, I haven’t found the emerald yet. I could hear it hit walls
and furniture when it skipped off the lap. Even my cardboard spray
catcher didn’t slow it down, knocked the cardboard over the edge of
the desk onto the floor. the 40 x 30 sodalite cabochon was quite
beautiful, with a white/clear quartz end. i was looking at that
stone, when touching the top of the quartz, about a 5 x 3 mm piece
fell off. Oh well, thier goes making jewelry from it…

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Baroque South Seas with Onyx bales

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Some thoughts about design

I can’t tell anybody how to design stuff - not really. That involves
amassing all the design tools and concepts you can get your hands
on, assimilating them, and letting them steep in your brain until
they gel into something useful. This is only about what might be a
useful tool to know about. I’ll start way back, at the beginning…

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Politically Inspired Jewelry

Some of you may have heard of the political turmoil in Thailand. It
has been an on-going problem for over 2 years now. It has influenced
our daily lives. It has influenced the way we think…

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Diamond 3 Stone Ring

Used a diamond shoehorn to make this size combo work…

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Emerald Necklace

reverse graduated faceted emerald beads with amethyst cab…

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Art and Liminal Times

I’ve been thinking about birth and death lately. You know how those
times when a baby is born in your family, or someone dies you
completely check out of the world. You have permission to not answer
the phone, to not go out, to drop everything…

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Free tutorials and videos: Keum-boo

Sabine has posted a how-to video on Keum-boo, the Korean technique
for adding gold to silver without soldering…

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Review: Here Comes Everybody

It’s about social media online, basically, and explains the real
world effects of social media such as MeetUp, Flickr, blogs and
more. One of the things blogging has done for me is that it’s gotten
me into social media stuff I might not have done otherwise…

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Free tutorials and videos: Polymer Clay how-tos

Cindy at Beads and Beading has a tremendous amount of info. on
polymer clay. Her tag line is, “I learned by making mistakes and now
you don’t have to!”…

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My name is Rick Copeland and am sole proprietor of Rocky Mountain
Wonders. I have been a silversmith since the 1970’s when I got
caught up in the silver and turquoise craze. I still have a passion
for turquoise but have since incorporated many other stones in my
work. Around 2001 I got into lapidary, thinking that the only way I
could get stones that I wanted at a price I could afford was to cut
them myself. Well then I got bit by the lapidary bug and now cut
100’s of pounds of stone each year looking for the one half of one
percent that inspires me to make a piece of jewelry from…

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OK, a different thought on design
John Donivan

Some 20 years ago, then mayor (now senator) Dianne Feinsten
proclaimed that San Francisco would have “Fleet Week” to honor our
armed forces but mostly the Navy. That’s because they have some
presence here, a major seaport. Part of that celebration is the
annual buzzing of downtown by the Blue Angels. That’s our Navy’s
version of a precision flying team, for those who don’t know. So,
I’m sitting here on a Friday afternoon with five FA-18’s burning up
the sky over my head, wishing I was in one of them, frankly.

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My New Web Site

So I am finally moving more fully into the 21st century, and have
built myself a web site. Whew! I have known for a number of years
that I needed one, but for what ever reason had been totally
intimidated by the whole concept. Not sure why, as I am the computer
person for the family and for my husband’s business but somehow
doing a web site for myself was really overwhelming…

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Cubic Zirconia Experiments and Trashed Jewellery
Hans Meevis

This is a fused gold ring that has been set with a carved piece of
cubic zirconia. This is the first time I have actually carved CZ. It
is easy to carve, and takes a polish to die for. This is my opinion
(ahem). The ring first had some black coral in, but the guy who owns
it, broke that. Then I put some Jett in it. That lasted 3 months and
it too was busted.* So I decided on black CZ. It is hard and works in
rings generally, so I will see how it pans out…

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Daisy Creations will be moving into party plan

Welcome to Daisy Creations. Starting on Thursday 6th of November
Daisy Creations will be moving into party plan. All jewellery on
this site will be available for purchase, along with my one off
designs. The party will be at 13 South Street Hadfield Victoria 3046
at 7.00pm. Please call me, Peta Hills, on 0409 175 332 if you are

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Bead Setting Diamonds

A mistake many beginning jewelers make when Bead Setting is to cut
the seat too shallow, not allowing them to form adequate beads to
hold the stones. On the other hand, be careful when cutting that you
do not cut all the way through the metal. As a general rule, cut the
seat deep enough that the table of the stone will set just below the
plate surface.

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From here to eternity bands
Larry Seiger

I love making eternity bands. Each one is a multi-piece puzzle that
requires patience, solid but basic techniques and math, but no high
tech equipment. The design is classic and simple, yet versatile.
Here’s how I made…

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Advice for New Artists: More on Exhibiting at Art Festivals

This is part 2 of “Art Festival Pitfalls to Avoid: For New
Exhibiting Artists.” This article alerts you to physical challenges
that art shows pose. It helps newbies prepare for long hours, bad
weather, robbery, picking the right show at the right time, and
other pitfalls. This article will help you learn what to expect
without having to learn the hard way (suffering your own hard

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Introducing Karensartworx

Hello Gang.
I am a jewellery artist presently in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. My
husband and I are in the planning stages of building an underground,
netzero house in the country, east of Edmonton, Alberta (our Alberta
capital). We will be off grid and supplying all of our own water,
electricity, sewer, etc. In this new place I will have a new studio
that will be a separate room in which I can keep my four legged
‘children’ out of…

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Are You Experiencing Personal Banner Ad Blindness? True or False?
Virginia Vivier

Do you have a favorite website that used to be commercial free? And
then, BAM! one day it was covered with annoying strobe-light
flashing banners that drove you crazy? I do. I used to love checking
in at Weather.com until it became a feeding frenzy of particularly
annoying banners. Now, I only go there if I absolutely have to. Well,
that’s what happens when Marketing folks find websites that are
attractive to a huge group of people. “Aha,” they say, “this is a
good place to display our message!” And they are happy to pay for
the privilege…

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Sealing patinas, brass, and copper with wax
Delpfine Welch

Two related questions that I’ve seen more than once in the two years
that I’ve been following the Orchid forum, are “how do I seal
patinas?” and “how do I seal brass/copper?” I’ve had these questions
too. So, I searched the Orchid forum and distilled the answers into
two possibilities: wax and lacquer. This post is about wax, what
kind, and where to find it. My next post will be about lacquer after
I try out my new setup…

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The Rosenbergs: pipe smashers & changing context

This is going to be an odd one for someone who’s theoretically a
jeweler. Jewelers, afterall, make pretty baubles to decorate the
body. What am I doing pondering the Rosenbergs?

Well, it’s like this: there are times when I make pretty things to
delight the eye, and there are times when I make things to challenge
the mind. The latter are rather harder to fit onto a wearer, and are
therefore more rare. That being said, I do try to make metaphorical
pieces every so often, when I find myself with something to say. The
nature of metalsmithing being what it is, I end up listening to a
lot of music as I work. Sometimes a…

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This is me - Robin Key
Robin Key

I initially trained at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen Scotland many
years ago as a part time student and later was taught stone setting
by the renowned setter and master jeweller Peter Robinson. I started
Clavis Jewellery (Clavis is Latin for Key) as a part time business
before moving on to full time mostly selling through galleries and
craft fairs. Initially I worked almost exclusively with silver, now
gold forms an equal part of my repertoire. Much of my work comes
from commissions from a regular growing clientele…

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Taking Things For Granted

This weekend, I had the lovely experience of doing a 3-day workshop
with Richard Sweetman of Print Shop Metals in Denver. He covered a
range of techniques and tips from bezel-setting irregular shaped and
faceted stones, fabricating box clasps, making steel dies for roller
printing, twist-forming sterling wire, and forging steel

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Necklace Flowers for Brenna
Sam Patania

I made this and another silver and turquoise floral necklace at the
same time. I will post the other one soon. With this necklace I was
attempting to see if I could twist the spiculum forms together and
make a simpler necklace that still had the detail I love. I used
turquoise which my grandfather had purchased in the 1950’s. It is
Morenci turquoise from Arizona. The special thing about this
turquoise is that it is calibrated and to cut calibrated Morenci
would necesitate a huge quantity of the material. Morenci has the
unfortunate desire to split along matrix like the quartz often found
in it and usually splits just before you are finished cutting. So I
can’t imagine…

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‘New’ Jewelry Culture in Thailand

Thailand has been known for its jewelry for hundreds of years.
Elaborate Thai style jewelry has always accompanied Thai ladies in
old paintings and photos. Back in those days, only the people in the
royal families, aristocrats and wealthy merchants could afford to
own jewelry…

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Creating Large Junp Rings

Larger jump rings can be spun on a wood dowel mounted in a drill. If
the dowel is larger in diameter than the drill chuck can handle the
end of the dowel can be shaved. Shaving the ends of much larger
dowels will not work. The wood will break before any coil can be

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Carved Three Stone Ring and Wedding Set
Hans Meevis

This is another Carved Cab ring I made. The stones are done in the
same way I wrote about a few posts back This one has Zavorite, which
is the trade name for green garnet, and rhodolite garnet and
sapphire set in it. Plus two diamonds. This kind of ring has a
distinct ‘organic’ feel to it, since the tubes are free form and the
stones are then carved to the tubes shape…

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Jig for Sawing Jump Rings Open

Today’s guest post by Marc Zyla takes the form of a photo essay.
Sawing open jump rings is fiddley, and one of those tasks that
drives metalsmithing students nuts. This jig looks like a great

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Hello world!

I’m impressed with how easy it was to import my blogger.com blog
into this wordpress blog. Looks quite a bit different, but it’s
mostly there. When I get time, soon I hope, I’ll have to really
check things out…

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Eric Griffin

Time to put fingers to keys and start making something of this blog.
Seventeen years ago I retired from a former life as a civil engineer
and took up metalsmithing. At the same time my wife and I moved from
my home and practice in Auckland, New Zealand to a relaxed life on
the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia at Noosa Heads.

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Source: Liability Insurance for Teachers

Fractured Atlas, a New York based arts non-profit offers a number of
insurance products for artists, including Teaching Artist insurance.
Read about it heRe: http://www.fracturedatlas.org

Why You Should Blog with the Orchid Blog Network

If you’ve been thinking of starting a blog, but haven’t yet, you may
want to consider blogging here on the Orchid Blog Network. Why?
Well, with more and more bloggers out there, it’s getting harder to
get attention; being part of a larger network will bring your blog
both attention and readers…

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Bracelet in Sterling with Colored Stones
Sam Patania

Fish have been a family favorite theme. My grandfather and father (
Frank Patania, Sr. and Jr.) both loved fishing in the Pecos river
outside of Santa Fe. I have only fished once there myself and the
beauty of being in that place is rejuvenating. I got to love fish as
a jewelry theme through my predecessors and Mexican jewelry I have
grown up around. My dad made a wonderful fish bracelet years ago
which I just love so I have made a few fish bracelets myself. I made
these two earlier in 2008…

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Necklace in 18K and sterling
Sam Patania

This is the only all metal, no stones, floral necklace I have made
in this series. The main driving idea behind this was the bracelet.
I had made cuff bracelets for a few of the other floral pieces but
the “Flowers For Brenna” got me interested in making link

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Flickr Pools to Join for Possible Mentions on Blogs

Hoping for a mention on CRAFTzine or Craftgossip? Join their Flicker
pools and post pictures there…

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Tom Arnold

I’ve aquired a new friend. She is coming into the shop to pick up a
few tips about wax carving. This has made me think about design
work. I went back to one of my favorite jewelry books “Jewelry
Making and Design” by augustus F. Rose and Antonio Cirino. In this
fine book will be found the six principles of jewelry design…

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Ear Ring and Necklace Combination
John Rasmussen

Well another creation is done, I just need to take a picture and
post it also, but the camera is in my truck and I’m not going
outside tonight to get it. I’ll bring it in tomorrow night. Orange
and brown beads for an autumn look with the potential of changing
leaves this year. Just starting to get some trees to show a little
color. Temperatures in the high 80’s this afternoon…

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As Promised Necklace and Ear Rings
John Rasmussen

A lot of folk that I admire are making fall offerings, so I followed
suite. As stated in last entry, here is the picture…

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Flush Setting and BioFreeze
Beth Wicker

I am learning flush setting, and finding that the motions involved
are not ones that my aging joints enjoy! I spent yesterday
struggling with some practice settings, and then last night
lathering on the BioFreeze to hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. I
am quite determined to get this skill mastered, but it is slow going
right now! I am practicing on copper scrap that I have melted down.
Here is a piece I did that turned out rather organic looking - I
really quite like the shape…

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New Pendant/Necklace
Beth Wicker

Here is a pendant/necklace I made from a design I drew several years
ago, at a point when I did not have the skills to actually create
it. It is still not exactly the way I want it, but I’m very pleased

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Pendant and Earring set in 18K, Platinum and Bisbee Turquoise
Sam Patania

This pendant and earring set is set with premium Bisbee turquoise
from the Bisbee mine in Southern Arizona, 60 miles Southeast from
Tucson. I buy all my Bisbee turquoise from my friend Bruce Mead. To
match Bisbee turquoise into sets is very difficult so when I find a
matchingset of stones I usually keep them together. The stones in
this set have a depth to them that is unusual and wonderful.

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A gravatar is quite simply an avatar image that follows you from
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How do I get a gravatar?

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Renaissance Commissions

Because memories are valuable, and heirlooms help us keep our
memories and transfer the stories to the next generations, I am
honored to assist families with transferring their heirloom jewelry
into the contemporary world. We are able to preserve the memories and
enjoy a contemporary aesthetic at the same time. Clients often come
to me with a handful of “old jewelry.” These pieces have been passed
through generations, and while they have merit and value based on
from where they have come, they often are in disrepair or are of a
style that is not compatible with the current owner. Sometimes the
client’s wishes are to simply restore the jewelry’s condition or
perhaps make slight changes. Other times, the client works with me to
harvest stones and then design a new piece around these stones that
is contemporary but also commemorates the client’s personal story…

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My Start making jewelry

I was creating large copper embossed pictures way too many years
ago. I found that I could use the copper as a mold in which I would
pour about 3/4 inch of plaster. I would then finish the plaster to
look like the copper. I was selling this pictures in local gift
shops I was looking for a more permanent medium to create theses
pictures when I discussed the problem with my buddy…

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Introduction: Steve Shelby

I’m not a jeweler, although I occasionally make jewelry for family
members when they request it. What I do is metalsmithing, or
silversmithing, without the silver. I use brass because that’s what
I can afford. I make small sculptures and decorative functional
pieces, which I offer for sale at my website, shelbyvision.com

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Talent Thai at the BIG&BIH Fair 2008, Bangkok, Thailand

I went to the BIG&BIH Fair 2008, the biggest fair in Thailand
showcasing home decorations and gifts, today. As usual, there were
many booths selling similar thingssilk shawls, ceramics, leather
goods, etc. As far as jewelry is concerned, there were a couple of
booths selling costume jewelry made of beads of all sorts, plastic
and woods spreading throughout the Fair. Even though there were a
lot of people gathering around these booths, I didn’t feel the urge
to stop and take a closer look. But when I reached a section called
Talent Thai sponsored by the Department of Export Promotion (DEP), I
found myself being drawn in as if there’s a magnet pulling me

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Steampump Clock

I don’t actually ONLY make jewellery. I do other things too. like
painting, stained glass and making clocks. There is a blog,
The Carrotbox - modern jewellery blog and shop — obsessed with rings that I particularly like. She, m’lady
Alice, posts the most amazing designs of the most amazing rings on
her blog…

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What a colorful time in Rhode Island.
New to Etsy, and Marketing tips~

This is what I have been waking up to each morning for the past
week. We live right on Georgaville Pond, Smithfield in a modest five
room bungalow. But as they say.location, location, location!! As I
wake each morning and enjoy a coffee before starting my hectic day.I
can find peace in this breathtaking view. I’m not sure which of the
four seasons are my most favorite because each is beautiful in its
own way. What a display of lovely colors! Sure to give me
inspiration~ Here is what I have new on Etsy today…Mother and baby
cameo pendant…

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Wow, I finally got back on the blog site
John Rasmussen

I finished polishing some cabochons, so this afternoon while
listening to my college’s football game I made five new necklace
pendants. All are natural personally cut cabochons wrapped with
Sterling Silver wire. i have a great time making these, they are
relaxing for me to craft. The immediate feedback is great; seeing
your creation come to fruition…

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Lincoln Vacilates

This piece is made up of 40 orbs of silver, each has a Lincoln head
from an old penny inside that spins as you move the necklace.

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Weekend Report

I had a very nice weekend as I was hoping for. A perfect mix of some
fun, relaxation, and progress in the studio. The Sabres lost in a
shootout, but the Bills won :). These little silver pieces look
really unattractive right now, but I’ve got big plans for them. I
had a few hours to do some sanding and soldering today, and tomorrow
I’ll be getting much closer to the final product. Oh- how I long to
be in my basement every day. Maybe someday…

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What’s Your Question for the Jewelry Marketing Expert?

Dr. David Weiman, author of The Jewelry Selling Answer Book, Expert
Answers to the Most Popular Questions Jewelry Makers Have About
Selling, and more, has kindly agreed to do a Q & A here on the blog.
What would you like me to ask him?..

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About the jewelry

Making jewelry is such a tremendous pleasure for me and I am blessed
to be able to do what I love doing. I hope that you enjoy reading
this page about how things happen for me at the bench. I design and
fabricate each piece of jewelry myself, using stones and crystals in
their natural state or shaped and polished to reveal their beauty. I
especially enjoy wonder-filled pieces such as ancient glass shards,
meteorites, fossils, and stones which “play” with light;
iridescence, translucency, schiller. The spare, dramatic lines of my
sculptural one-of-a-kind jewelry echo the curves and angles of
nature and reflect a Japanese influence…

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About me

Hoping to get the knack of this blogging stuff, as it seems such
fun, I’m ready to write a little about myself and how I arrived
here. My childhood was filled with the pleasures of handicrafts,
music and art and I recall gathering unusual and attractive rocks to
place on my dresser or windowsill. My adult life was characterized
by the usual. I became a nurse; got married; had a child and left
nursing to care for (eventually) three children…

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Figuring this out

empusta ugitfa -This is a piece of kinetic jewelry playing on time
flies except the title is in latin that is in pig latin. If the
crank is turned the copper airplane spins and the hand on the clock
goes round and round the dial…

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Show results from this weekend

I’m shocked. Given the economic news of the past few weeks, I was
really dreading this weekend’s “big show.” The fact that it was
already paid for is what got me there, but my expectations were very
low, to say the least. The show was the PA Guild of Craftsmen’s Fall
show, formerly held at Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA. This year
(and for the next 5 years at least), it moved to Montgomery County
Community College in Blue Bell, PA " about 45 minutes from its
original location. It’s still an outside show, and the weather was
very nice, albeit chilly and windy. To my utter surprise, the show
opened on Saturday morning and people streamed in. and were ready to
BUY! They were snapping up mid- to high-ticket items, too! Not the
lower end earrings and pendants that usually sell well in a sluggish
situation. My median sale this weekend was $350 and the outcome was
the best show I’ve had in 5 years!..

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Flowers & Dates

Today was my first weekday after my last day at my job, and I think
I took full advantage of it! I did a lot of work in the studio
today. I’m very excited, too, because I made one piece that I now
plan to make into a whole new series! If you’ve seen my
marriage-of-metals pieces, you know that I really do love that
technique. Well, I want to start doing it again, and incorporating
it into my shop. I had made a brooch for my mother a while back with
irises depicted in it with the marriage-of-metals technique, and I
took the pattern from that piece and pulled out just one of the
irises and made it into a pendant! I used sterling silver, brass,
and copper…

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ronda coryell

I am a senior instructor at Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San
Francisco and also travel the world lecturing and teaching. I love
working with metals and now my main focus has become Argentium
Sterling. It is a metal that WOWs me. Students continually challenge
me and come up with new questions all the time. I have been doing
experimentation with everything I can think of and am documenting my
work. I will be teaching some upcoming workshops in 2009…

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Sizing a platinum ring
Platinum Guild

How do I size a platinum ring one size smaller? The essential
features of a quality sizing aRe: a proper fit, invisible seam, and
an even shank thickness. The following procedure will leave no seam
and is totally invisible…

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Necklace in Sterling and Turquoise
Sam Patania

This necklace which I called “Claire” was made earlier this year out
of elements I made with my Bonny Doon hydraulic press. I made the
dies myself from an earring template of my grandfather’s. Once I had
made the dies and the parts I started wondering what I was going to
do with them. I didn’t like them as earrings since…

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Sweet Peas In Mid October?!

Just one more post for the year about my sweet peas. I was so
excited watching them sprout this spring, and it seems like they
just wont quit! We’ve had several frosts here in western New York,
and these beauties keep blooming. I think it’s because they’re
protected by the house a bit, but it’s still very nice to have their
fresh smell in the kitchen in October! I plucked them this morning
because tomorrow’s forecast calls for flurries…

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Joyas Para Llevar - Jewelry To Wear

hi, I am happy in having found this site. I migrated my original
blogg and am proud in showing some of my pieces. I hope you like

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New Larimar Pendant
Hans Meevis

This is my latest Larimar and fused gold and diamond pendant. A shell
bail in the front and a starfish bail at the back. I always try to
make pendants reversible. Sort of more bang for your buck…

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New old work

There will be some repeat blogs for a while (for all three of my
constant readers:) in the effort to transfer my old blog to this
shiny new space. Thanks for your patience! I’ve been a bit creatively
stumped of late. I’m starting lots of projects and then find myself
losing interest. This is not a new thing for me. Cycles of manic
creative bursts, and apathetic winters of thought are part of the
Margarita package. Since today is a studio work day, I’ve been
sitting in front of my bench, letting this creative winter wash over
me as my eyes wander to the sunshine outside. In an effort to do
something (anything), I decided to do a little Spring cleaning…

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Introducing - Payson Jewelry

I am a jewelry lover from birth, who finally discovered the depth of
her passion by taking a silver smithing class in 1999. Going ahead
full spead I took every course I could find and trained in
everything from stone setting to engraving to granulation and
hand-fabrication to wax carving to metal carving and chasing and
much more…

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Austin- Maker Faire
James Lopez

Hey Everyone, I have been throwing dust clouds of wood and breathing
acrylic fumes(thru a mask) for days now. Getting ready to show my
lapidary work to an unusual crowd! Mounted a 360 degree panorama of
one of my stone sources. So the fair goers get an interactive

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Crafthaus Network
Heather Skowood

I just discovered Crafthaus via someone else’s blog on the Ganoksin
and I’m VERY ecited by some of the outstanding work posted on there.
While going through Crafthaus’s almost 1500 page gallery I stumbled
on this beauty!..

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Tanim at Ploy Saeng Festival

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC) is now hosting Ploy Saeng
Festival showcasing 150 booths with fresh ideas on designs and
marketing strategies. The Festival runs from October 17 till
November 9, 2008 at Gallery 2, TCDC, Emporium Department Store in
Bangkok. Tanim has the privilege to participate in Ploy Saeng

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Tool Junkie

I got a new set of pliers! does the new tool dance :slight_smile: I needed
98em too, can’t cha tell? My next big tool purchase I think will be a
pixie. Apropos, right? I’ve been holding off due to the price, but
the longer I wait the longer I’ll need to feed the tool cravings
with pliers and other small tools…

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A little sappy

Still digging through old bits and pieces of lost projects- mostly
all from my casting class days. There were more cones in there cast
from Alder cones I picked up on our old walks through Sharon Woods.
That was one of Turtle’s* very favorite walks:)…

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Necklace Layout
Katherine Miess

I had a great day in the studio today. I got a lot of pieces
finished and ready to assemble for a necklace, some pendants and
some rings. This necklace is part of my jiggly wart series. I posted
a picture of my jiggly wart ring a few months back. I got an order
for another ring and a pendant so I started working up some more
things based on that design…

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Welcome To The DeArmond Blog!

Thank you for reading our blog. We live daily in the CAD/CAM world
of jewelry making. Our work consists of producing master wax models
for other jewelers, producing our own designs for retail/wholesale
sales and teaching CNC jewelry making. It is our intent for this
blog to be a way for us to show what we do with some neat images and
perhaps offer a little help to those working in the CNC jewelry
making world. We hope to gain some new friends along the way as

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Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals

And now for the first installment of the “awesome” beauties I
promised: While attending the Tucson shows two years ago, my husband
was admiring some beautiful petrified wood (his favorite “rock”)
when the dealer mentioned to him that he might enjoy seeing the
wonderful collection of petrified wood exhibited at a museum near
Portland, Oregon. He gave Joe a brochure for the Rice Northwest
Museum of Rocks and Minerals which was duly filed for future

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Metal Arts Guild Pin Swap 2008
Dianne Kargbaron

As part of this year’s Annual General Meeting, the Metal Arts Guild
of Canada hosted it’s second annual Pin Swap. Intended as a “get to
know you”/game for the participants, it’s a great opportunity to try
out new ideas. Participants make anything they like and trade with
each other. At the end of the evening, I was the proud owner of pins
made by Mary McIntyre (a copper bar pin, made with rare earth
magnets), Alistair Crombie (a Google map pin), Sarah Hamel (a
plastic conglomerate pin), Sara Cummins (a pierced rectangular stick
pin) and Robert Mitchell (a sterling silver swirl with pearl

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Introducing - Margaret O’Brien

Margaret O’Brien (or Margarita), the jewelry artist of the
Pixieprincess Studio, is in the business of making unique, magical
sparklies for good girls and boys of all ages in the hopes of
spreading whimsy and joy into a world knowing too little of it.
Margarita is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati’s School of
Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning and San Francisco’s Revere
Academy of Jewelry Art…

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Pendant in 18K Gold
Sam Patania

I made this pendant earlier this summer 9808. The turquoise is from
a lot my grandfather, Frank Patania,Sr., purchased in the early
1960’s, my father says the last lot of turquoise he bought before he
died (in 1964). I have been looking at this turquoise for my whole
career and wondering what to do with it…

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Donna Hiebert: Bold Simplicity and Harmony

I came across Donna Hiebert’s work through the Orchid Gallery. I
found her work absolutely stunning with its architectural qualities
of contemporary lines and form. Here’s what she has to say: I have
pondered the meaning of ancient and sacred architecture for a long
time. It seems to me that a great deal of knowledge and
understanding regarding humankind’s relation to the universe is
inherent in these structures. Naturally this influence finds its way
into my designs but I try not to approach it in a derivative

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My most recent work

Here are some pictures of my most recent piece, which is actually
serial #2, a duplication of serial #1, which was made in 2005. I
couldn’t really remember how I made the first one, which turned out
to be a good thing, because this one came out better. Having made
40+ pet urns in the last two years has really honed my skills. This
piece is 11 inches long and made from 16 gauge brass sheet…

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A Good Design Day…

Ahhh. a day of designing with little interruption! Its seldom that
we are quiet enough around here to just enjoy the work. I put on my
earphones and just let the day fly by. It was 6:00 P.M. before I
knew it. Six designs out in one day. Progress abounds! Here is the
only one that belongs to us…

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What are you buying?

On my blog and website, you will see a badge that says, “I TOOK THE
HANDMADE PLEDGE/BUYHANDMADE.ORG” I first discovered the Pledge on
the website of another metalsmith, checked it out, and signed myself
up. So, what is it?..

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Recently Sold Opals and opal parcels from MK

These are a few of the opals and opal parcels I’ve recently sold. I
cut and polished everything except the opal parcels from the 1930’s.
A long story, that one, I’ll post it sometime…

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A Platinum Alloy For All Seasons

Embraced by master jewelers, Pt950/Ru is a universal alloy and used
for all methods of manufacturing. When made into tubing, it creates
a very dense molecular metal, exhibiting great hardness, which is
preferable for wedding bands since they are meant to last a
lifetime. As sheet and wire stock, Pt950/Ru is used for hand
fabrication and a viable choice for three-stone platinum rings…

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Bracelet in Sterling Silver and 18K Gold

This bracelet is another variation of one of my grandfather’s
templates. My grandfather, Frank Patania, Sr. died in 1964 when I
was 3 years old so I never had the chance to know him or work with
him. I learned about him from my father, aunts and great uncle as
well as the workers who still worked for my family when I started
apprenticing. By all accounts he was a generous well loved man…

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Hand made Chasing and Repousse Tools

A little something about me. Some of us have our life’s changed by
small degrees and others suddenly for me dec 27th 2007 was the end
of a 30+ years occupation as a chef and kitchen manager but I was
lucky as a teen to learn smithing from one of the few Iroquois
silversmiths still working with the knowledge passed down generation
to generation. The Navaho where not the only native tribe to use
smithing but the Iroquois learned a few tricks from the French. I
even still have a necklace passed down at least 150 or more years
each generation added to it except for me. One day I will too. when
the time is right…

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Finished My Necklace!

After a very busy day of work yesterday I spent the evening in the
studio. I almost conked out on the couch after supper, but I
convinced myself to get up. I played some tunes on the banjo to get
my second wind, and then headed down to finish up my funky necklace.
I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. It’s got some nice
contrast with the oxidized segments against the burnished silver…

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Crafting an effective post title

Crafting an effective title is genuine art as it should aim at two
main targets: to increase click-through, to achieve higher search
engines rankings (reads: Google). Thus writing an effective title
can’t be taken lightly; it is really difficult to craft a title that
will both “help rankings and work in effect as a marketing message.”
Here are some of the most important criteria that should be kept in
mind when creating a good title…

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Solving Problems in Class

My life is tied up in teaching! I teach four - 3 hour classes a week
at the Boca Museum Art School in Boca Raton, FL. One is a cabochon
cutting class and three are metal fabrication classes. My favorite
is an advanced fabrication class in which most students have been
doing metal work for at least a year and some for 3 or more years.
With 10 students in a class, they challange me in some way every
week! And I love the challanges because solving them ususally
results in group discussions, multiple inputs, innovation, and in
many cases, it takes me back to my earlier years of learning and

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New Thunderbird Image

Photographer Doug Foulkes does a great job with jewelry. His
expertise lies in shooting advertising layouts for catalogs &
magazines, but he is branching out into jewelry, and I highly
recommend his work…

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About Pat Gullett
Pat gullet

I am a jeweler, artist, and teacher, living in the woods of New
Milford, Ct. My husband & I moved here in 2001, from the Chicago
area, where I taught high school art for many years. Now I do East
coast art shows, and teach at Brookfield Craft Center, as well as
out of my home studio. We love Connecticut, with New Mexico coming
in as our 2nd love.

About Liana Bennett
Liana Bennett

My name is Liana Turnbull Bennett. I have not always been an artist.
While other artists were earning degrees in art, I was testing and
analyzing the latest high tech materials. This led to a degree in
Mechanical Engineering, were my career was spent creating real life
applications from these materials. Only later in life could I afford
to indulge my real passion, art…

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Simple But Strong Design

Today was spent designing and cutting waxes as normal. This nice
coin holder for a $2.5 dollar Gold Piece was easy but will make a
real statement for the owner when finished. In 18K Yellow Gold with
17 3mm Green Tourmaline around the coin, this should be an eye
catcher. It will take about an hour to machine out the wax front and
back. This one will be exciting to pull off the mill and clean

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Studio Essentials - mill products

In October I presented the sixth class in my ongoing series of
visiting artist workshops at the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa Arizona.
This workshop, Studio Essentials, is an introduction to the
foundation of goldsmithing; forming and fabricating precious metal
mill products from raw materials in a typical jewelry studio

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Does blog banner matter?

Few days ago, I decided to design a new banner for my twin blog, and
I found myself wondering if blog banner matters at all. This is the
kind of question that never finds a single good answer. It is like
asking if appearance matters more than substance. What do you think?
My personal answer to this dilemma is yes it matters! Don’t take me
wrong I’m not a superficial person, but it matters if you’re trying
to introduce yourself through a visual media like the web…

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John Rasmussen
New Stones

Started cutting some new stones; fluorite is the mineral; color is a
beautiful green; it will be fun to work with very soft stones. Of
course the end product will probably be pendants for more necklaces.
Don’t want to put soft stones in position where they can be damaged
easily. i have mapped out 8 18C3. 13 ovals to be cut. I am going to
try making a pendant with multiple stones. So far all that I have
done in that genre are single stone pendants. The design will come
to me. I’m still thinking what form the pendant will be and what

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Interview with Independent Jewelry Designer, Daniel R. Spirer:
Prospering in Good Times and Through Economic Downturns

Daniel R. Spirer began in the jewelry industry as a teenager and now
owns a successful independent jewelry design business. In this
interview, he shares his attitudes and advice on prospering in this
industry in good times and through economic downturns. His advice is
to look past the economy and to develop solid customer relations
based on trust and a good product with high perceived value…

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Necklace and Bracelet in Branch Coral and Sterling Silver
Sam Patania

I just finished this pieces yesterday afternoon, October 22, 2008. I
had been encouraged to develop this idea from the first branch coral
pieces I did which took me ten years to finish. This one only took 2
weeks so I guess I’m getting better. I named it “Coral Sea” because
I see sea life in this design…

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An Old Rugged Cross

This cross looks hundreds of years old and is filled with character.
Designing and weathering this was a relaxing task. The weatherd look
goes all around the top surface and sides. I haven’t decided how to
do the back as yet.The image really doesn’t do this piece justice.
If you want to see a larger image, just leave us a comment or drop
us an e-mail. We will be happy to e-mail you a larger view. Hundreds
of places exist to tuck a few stones in for extra enhancement.
Notice the cross has the nails holding it together. Seen here in a
gold color, this will show well in silver with some small colored
stones as well…

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November workshop at MAC - Forging

The next installment of my visiting artist series at Mesa Arts
Center is a two day workshop Nov. 15/16, 2008. In this session we
will be exploring the fundamental goldsmithing technique of forging.
We will use hammers anvils and mandrels to investigate this process
as it applies to jewelry scale objects. Through a series of
practical exercises participants learn a vocabulary of shape and
form executed in copper and articulation of the vocabulary as
finished items in fine silver. Forged rings as a curriculum is
designed for all level of student from those who have never touched
hammer to metal to those who are highly accomplished studio artists.

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Welcome to the World of Jewelry by Da’oud

Visit my blog for a taste of the quirkiness and romance of a gypsy
artist showing his work in the lovely enviornment of our courtry’s
most beautiful and successful Renaissance Festivals…

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The Fung Shui of a bird’s nest

Every year, when I arrive at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, wild
birds have colonized the rafters with a nest or two, filled with
eggs. One day, we find a blue egg broken on the floor below the last
nest. Later, four little chicks hatch, and a riot of chirping ensues
each time the parents fly in to feed them. For a time, Daddy finch,
red breasted and diligent, brings food. Mama finch keeps up the
heroic effort, long after the dad has disappeared…

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The Romance of the Renaissance

Walk down the lane of the village at one of the larger Renaissance
festivals in America, and you might run into my jewelry shop,
sometimes built to look like an ancient temple, a many towered
princess fort or a Swiss Chalet, what ties them together is the
sparkly treasures found within. Dressed in a leather vest, feathered
hat with favors and pins a plenty, I stand next to the red headed
charmer/comedian, Starr. In this theatre of a Renaissance Village,
playful interaction, jesting, and telling a yarn to amused onlookers
is the order of the day. Get silly and try on some gorgeous pearls,
why don’t you? Have Da’oud take a look at the diamond you’ve been
saving in that hideous setting Grandma left you… r let us weave a
yarn about the the symbolism behind the rings. Give extra meaning to
the event. Let the colors of your wedding help you choose the
colored pearls you could be wearing…

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What inspires my work

I am a jeweler who designs and sells my work primarily through
Renaissance Festivals. I work in silver and gold, and have a variety
of designs both whimsical and fantastic, as well as Celtic knot and
Art Nouveau designs. I specialize in wedding rings and sets…

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New Resin Jewelry Rings

Rings. Can a girl have too many rings? Well, in my case -No. I am
crazy for rings. They sit on my finger in front of my eyes all day,
and just make me feel fabulous. I have had some design ideas in mind
for a while now, and finally made the time, to start creating the
masters and molds. The only problem with rings are, there are so
many sizes, and each size requires it’s own master and mold. So, it
takes more time to produce a line of rings. My first ring design is
done, in sizes 7, 8 and 9. I call it the “Coral Reef Starfish Pearl
Ring”, and it is gorgeous…

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Ring for Each Finger

When I was figuring out a theme for a recent exhibition, I somehow
looked at my hands and wondered what I could come up with. That’s
when an idea to look closer at fingers came to my mind. I then asked
myself the following questions. Which finger do I normally make rings
for? Which finger do I normally buy rings for? And which finger do I
normally wear rings on?..

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Frucci Design jewelry at OCMA

This weekend the 2008 California Biennial (CB08) will open at the
Orange County Museum of Art. Recently the exhibition has emerged as
an important indicator of emerging art and artists working in
California. This year’s biennial is guest-curated by Lauri
Firstenberg and it includes works by more than 50 artists and, for
the first time, incorporates off-site projects with collaborating
venues from Tijuana to Northern California…

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