On the hunt for a mine cut diamonds

Hey Everybody!

I am currently on the hunt for a mine cut diamond and am in need of
assistance. As a jeweler who specializes in engagement and wedding
jewelry I am now plagued with the problem of making my own
engagement ring! And while always searching for something different,
I am thinking that I would love an old Mine Cut/European Cut diamond.
But most of my dealers don’t deal with anything of the sort… and
the ones that do only carry smaller melee for repairs or the larger
stones that I am running into are more like an SI2/M color. Does
anybody know a good source for old cuts?

If you are a source… I am searching for something in the range of
a 1ct, above a VS1 and F. If anybody can help me, please feel free to
contact me off the forum.

Thank you so much for you time! And no rush on my part… you can’t
rush artwork!

cheers… tracey

A great many fine goods OMs have been recut to Brilliant because the
economics of it make sense, not so with lower qualities, maybe
that’s why you’re having trouble locating them. I would look at the
big estate dealers.

Fred Leighton? Do they deal in loose stones?

Mike DeBurgh, GJG
Henderson, NV

I seem to recall a dealer in Philadelphia, who’s name, if I recall
right, was David Atlas. I remember this one because in the early 90s
I subscribed to several price guides for appraising, and I recall
that all the prices for old mine and old european cuts came from
this one dealer who specialized in such stones. That was, as I say,
almost 20 years ago, so I have no idea if the firm is still there, or
still specializes in those goods. But it’s worth the time to look. I
think they were, as are so many other jewelry firms in that city, on
Sansom street…

Peter Rowe

Congratulations Tracy,

If I were looking for such a stone and the dealers didn’t pan out,
I’d go to antique shows. I use them as a source and find the dealers
quite used to and amendable to pricing for resale. Good luck, on all

Kindest regards,
Marianne Hunter

You can check the auctions at Skinner. They often sell old mine
diamonds from estates. There are two fine jewelry auctions each year.
There are also ten other auctions each year that include jewelry with
other items.
[ezine at skinnerinc dot com]

Good luck.
Mary A

Try michael goldstein Ltd in New York

The firm Abe Mor has mine cut diamonds. They may not deal with you if
you are not a member of JBT, but it is worth a call 800-999-7835. If
they will not deal direct, have them suggest a person or store in
your area with whom they do deal and see what you can work out with
that firm as to price.

Beth Katz

You could also try Rick Shatz, (888) 944-1800,

There are firms who are starting to cut the old styles again,
including rose cuts. What is old is new!

Jim Sweaney, CGA, FGA, GG