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Nino Rostomashvili


Hello, this is Ms. Nino Rostomashvili from Tbilisi, Georgia :slight_smile:
My profession is Biophysics, second one is Freight Forwarding / Logistics.

Cloisonne Enamel is my hobby, which is becoming more and more serious field to express all ideas into making beautiful items.

Here are few of my works.

Thank you


Hi Nino - it appears your works did not upload. You need to wait until they appear in the window prior to posting. Please upload them - we would love to see them!


Sorry, now I see nothing was uploaded. At the moment I’m trying to upload photos, but it shows as “uploading” and nothing appears.

Will try again.

Thank you


I see them now - gorgeous!


Lovely intricate work. Bravo!


Thank You so much :slight_smile:


Many Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


So colorful and just beautiful!



I just love your use of wood materials as frames for your art!



Many Thanks :slight_smile:


Stunning work. Very painterly use of mottled and shaded enamels. The view of Old Tbilisi in particular brought to mind the work of Marc Chagall, especially his stained-glass windows.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:




Not just beautiful, but some fun too it seems (The pendant with fringe.) I like artists who are not serious all the time. Thank you for sharing your work.


Also, an Enamelist


Love your work, stunning use of color… I love your design sense too.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Many Thanks :blush: :slight_smile:


Particularly love the ring!


:slight_smile: <3 :slight_smile: Many Thanks


Very nice art work. Your dedication to color and workmanship is museum quality. I love the ring.