New York City Jewelry Attractions

My husband and I will be in New York City for almost two weeks (end
of January, beginning of February). Any suggestions of things to
do/see? I’m going to Metalliferous, for sure, maybe to Allcraft. I’m
not a fabricator of nor a customer for high-end jewelry but do like
"history of jewelry" events. Any miscellaneous suggestions also

Thanks in advance
Judy Bjorkman

If you are going to Metalliferous, the streets surrounding the store,
which are aprox. 36th-39th st between 6th and 7th Aves are covered
with bead stores. They are great for getting an idea of new products
out on the market. Bring your tax id # with you b/c there are some
stores that are locked and have buzzers, you must show a tax id # to
get in…great gem and semi-precious stone resources. A good fashion
bead store for high end materials is the Elvee Rosenburg showroom.
Then stop by the MoMA design store on 53rd St btwn 5th and 6th ave
for contemporary jewelry design. Also the Byzantine/Egyptian exhibit
downtstairs at the Met has always been inspirational to me. Have
fun!? I am jealous…man do I miss the city!


This is the first time that I am going to New York City without a
show to do… I am going with a friend, just to have FUN! What a

What galleries, restaurtants would you all suggest that are a must
see. Of course, the Met and the Moma…

I am so excited…

Thanks in advance

Go see Stuart Moore jewelry gallery in Soho. Not sure of the street
but it’s around broome and mercer. Also great jewelry gallery is
Aaron Faber up near MOMA. Also Museum of Natural History has some
great Have a great time.


Aaron Faber Gallery is always nice to look at. The DeBeers store is
nearby (along with Tiffany’s–always worthwhile to see the big
stones, Mikimoto, Harry Winston, etc.) all near MOMA. Go to Soho and
look at some of the jewelers there. Restaurants in NYC? Well you
can’t walk a block without passing a half dozen of them. Frankly you
can have as much luck just walking into a small place as going to
one of the fancy ones. Last time we were there a street vendor was
located outside of our hotel. Three guys working one cart serving
Greek (?–not sure, it’s just what it looked like) food. At 11
o’clock at night they had a line of 40 people waiting for their
food. The next night at midnight they had a line of 20 people. Either
there were drugs in the food or it was really great (I wouldn’t wait
in line).

Daniel R. Spirer, G.G.
Daniel R. Spirer Jewelers, LLC

You should go to Chinatown for an $8 dinner then walk a few blocks
to Little Italy for a $20 dessert.

New York is great for tourists. I live here, so I’m seldom a
tourist, but I suggest:

Take a ride on the CIRCLE LINE. It’s a boat trip around Manhattan
Island… well worth the time and money. You can get the boat on 12th
Avenue at 42nd Street.

Chinatown, along Canal Street, there’s a great Super Market, Home
Goods kind of store that sells every type of condiment know to man
it seems on the ground level along with Chinese herbs and odd
goodies; and on the bottom level, the most gorgeous selection of
pottery and dishware.

Literally across Canal from this store on a side street, have dinner
in Little Italy.

9th Avenue from the 40’s up has a string of small and excellent
ethic restaurants.

Visit the Museum of Natural History and spend some time in their
GLORIOUS “Gems and Minerals” room! and then visit the adjacent
Hayden Planetarium and see their “sky show.”

Don’t miss Central Park. It is right across from the main entrance
of the Museum of Natural HIstory.

6th Avenue from 37th Street has bead stores open to the public.
Metalliferous, famous for silver, tools and findings is on 46th
Street between 6th and 5th Avenues.

And, the world’s largest department store, MACY’S, looms large on
6th Avenue at 34th street.

On Sunday, visit the indoor flea markets… some in a large garage
on 25th Street between 7th and 5th Avenues

Lincoln Center for Ballet, Opera and Classical Music; The Village
for Jazz.

And that’s just for starters!!!