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New Learning Center launched at


Hi Orchid -

This is just to let you know that we have just launched our new Learning Center. Now, all articles and videos on are organized by category, and both searchable and browsable.

You can check out the Learning Center here. That is the jumping off point for folks looking to browse our library of content.

As you dig one level deeper, below is an example of one of our main category pages

And of course, there is a third level deep as well. We are still adding featured images, but the bones are done now.

If you see anything mis-categorized, things that belong in multiple categories, etc. please let us know by emailing

If you are a paying member of Ganoksin/Orchid, thank you for supporting this important work!


Is there a way to search on the author’s name to find his article or video?


yes if you do a search on the website and find any article by that author, and click the authors name, you can see all articles associated with them.


If I understand your answer correctly:

I cannot go to the author’s activity page and find his articles.

I have to search on his name and scroll through hundreds of his posts to find one of his articles, and then I can easily find all of his articles by clicking on his name. .


So, when I put the authors name in the Learning Center search engine, there is nothing.

When I put the authors name in the Jewelry Discussion search engine, only 50 of his posts come up and all of them are identified as Jewelry Discussion.

When I go to his activity page, I can scroll through hundreds of his posts and all are identified as Jewelry Discussion.

I think you are saying that I have to find one of his articles first, then I can easily find the other articles.

So if I don’t know the subject of one of his articles, I’m SOL,


I am not sure why that search result wouldn’t pull anything up, assuming all is spelled correctly. Perhaps @leah-ganoksin-admin will know?

You can also always plug in his/her name into google and add “ganoksin article” to the search and one of his/her articles will undoubtedly come up. Click the name and go from there. So go to google and type “john smith ganoksin article” and see what comes up.

If you find an article mis-categorized, mis-named, or mis-attributed, let us know please!


Thank you so much! That works!

Here is what I think I’m seeing:

This particular author had an Orchid blog, which apparently belongs to our new website but is not accessible through our search engine. No problem, Google works just as well.

So maybe this author never actually wrote articles for Ganoksin. Unfortunately, he took down his personal website which contained articles.

So Google shows categories for his entries as “Orchid Blog”, and our current category “Jewelry Discussion”, and numbered “articles”.

I think those numbered articles are actually posts, and I suppose that was the identification system on our old website.

Now I understand why one of our ESL members referred to posts as “articles”.


Yes, basically we moved over the Orchid blogs and they are going to be re-designed in the next 6-9 months. But until then we wanted them to at least be accessible to the public.


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