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Looking for particular video


In The Learning Center, I’ve been looking for a Charles Lewton-Brain video I’ve seen before. I wanted to link that video to a current thread. I cannot find it here or on Google, so maybe the name of the video is not similar to my recollection of the video’s subject.

One of his premium videos has a name that looks like a very remote possibility, yet I don’t remember paying for the video. Since the new website started, did he ever post some of his premium videos for free?

If I click on a premium video just to get more definitive information about what’s on it, will I automatically be charged for it?

The Learning Center search engine offers me 32 pages of listings of his articles and videos, which is around 500 listings. Is it possible to specify video in order to save time in the search, instead of a combined listing?

New Learning Center launched at

Hi Betty. Those Premium Videos were newly added to Ganoksin in September 2017. You can click on any Premium Video and watch the preview without paying. You only pay if you click the button to buy it and it also pops up a confirmation box.

These ones are the only older free videos I could find:

Here’s a search of the whole site for his name narrowing down the result by video:

If none of these are what you are looking for, let me know! I can take a look if you tell me what it is about and I can also send and email to Charles to ask him.

– Leah


The video I’m looking for is where he melts metal with a torch to make an alloy that includes copper scrap.