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New Here and teaching myself to solder


I just joined this group a few weeks ago and have been reading most
of the post. Most are way above my skill level right now, but when my
skills grow up. I just can’t wait.

I read with interest the soldering using propane from the hardware
store. This is all I have right now and would like to show you my

I have posted some pictures on my blog because I don’t know if I can
post any pictures in a gallery.

Here is the link

Please let me know what you think and if I should be doing something

Karen B.
Bergin’s Jewelry

Please let me know what you think and if I should be doing
something different. 

I have to assume if you ask such a question on public forum, you can
withstand some criticism. The good thing about your work is that you
can actually finish something, without melting it. I also saw a lot
of room for improvement. You need to concentrate more on creating
exact shapes and assembling them without distortion. You designs
leave a lot for interpretations. One cannot be sure if certain
features are planned, or results of an accident. My suggestion would
be to direct your efforts towards eliminating this ambiguity.

Leonid Surpin

if I should be doing something different. 

Looks more professional than some people with a lot better torch
than you, Karen - don’t change a thing. :} Well, buy a real torch
when you can.

Looks pretty good. Only thing I see, and I had to zoom in, is a
slight misalignment on one of the double hearts with maybe just a tad
too much solder. One thing you can do next time is, instead of
splitting the heart in two, which necessitates careful alignment, is
cut a notch on the back of the front heart and a corresponding notch
on the front of the back heart. Both should be halfway thru the cross
section. Go slow, make a tight fit, then just enough solder to bond.

But I think you’re off to a good start.

Hello Karen,

I agree. You are off to a good start. Keep on. I do like your Tree
of Life - very attractive and the best design IMHO.

Judy in Kansas