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New bench in progress

Still need to finish my drawers, and I’ve remounted a few things here and there, but happy to be getting the new bench together the way I like it this time.


That looks great! I’ve had mine put together for awhile now. I appreciate a nice place to work and never take it for granted.

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I have bench envy

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Love this benchtop. Well thought out with how it all comes together. Question though, what is the black plate on top of the bench pin holder?

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It’s a 5"x7"x1" steel stamping anvil that I use as my main bench anvil (7 x 5" Super Duty Stamping Block - Double Sided Finish).

I modeled and 3D printed a TPU case for it to give it a little sound and shock dampening as well as to help transfer some of the energy back into the hammering. Also keeps it from sliding around.