Mokume Gane with Palladium and 22K

Hello to all

The question I have is about doing a mokume gane piece using 22k and
palladium. I have not found any info in the archives on combining
these two metals, through soldering. I was wondering if anyone out
there has any tips or advice on whether this is possible or not and
what problems I might run into because of the palladium, and the fact
that I will be soldering the metals together. Will the palladium be
too brittle or will the bond between the two be too weak? I’ve read a
little bit about mokume gane and I know that some people do solder
their metals together instead of fusing, but have never tried.


well i made some recently with red gold palladium and silver i did
everything wrong and it still worked! but, if you melt and roll your
palladium dont use actelyne i hear the carbon will make it brittle.
there are more than a couple ways to skin this cat so if you dont
have the money for tool wrap dont use an electric kiln use a gas
setup and hide glue to protect the edges from atmosphreic intrusion.
good luck- goo