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Minimum length for a man's necklace?

What do you think is the ideal minimum length for a man’s necklace?
I’m making my nephew a necklace with “M” central element on handmade
chain. He’s very slim but I don’t want the “M” flipping up when he
moves so would be grateful for ideas on the minimum total length for
a man’s necklace. Many thanks.


Hi Helen,

See if you can find out what neck size he wears in shirts, then add
some length.

Ken Moore


Really at wit’s end to answer your question. My neck size (dress
shirt) is 18 1/2 inches; so a necklace that is that or shorter will
not even go around my neck. So I guess, the first thought is that
you need to know your nephew’s neck size. Then I would add 2 to 4
inches at least for the necklace to be comfortable.

John Atwell Rasmussen, Ph.D.
Geologist and Gemologist
Rasmussen Gems and Jewelry

Add at least 4-6 inches to his collar size.

Helen - I make a lot of men’s chains and I make them at 22 inches
with a piece of 2 inch extension chain at the back. That seems to
work for most but I will say I do this for a lot of hunters (setting
bear claws - yuck) and they are big men with rather large necks.
Hope it helps.


Thanks to all who have answered my question. I guess with chaps, it
has to be dependent on collar size plus a bit, as men come in so
many sizes!