I recently purchased a AmScope microscope SM-6TZ-80S-5M-EUL-3P, 3.5X-90X microscopes which includes both barlow lenses 0.5X and 2X based on a recommendation from the supplier.

( I understand it is not the top brand to go for, for micro stone setting / engraving. However, currently all my jewellery making is self taught & part time so spending upwards of £2000 was not quite feasible, that being said I have only just received it and I can still return if not fit for purpose)

I have set the microscope up but encountered an issue with the lens having to be so close to the work piece to focus that I can’t get my hands in to work on it. I have tried both single and a combination of both lenses that were supplied…

To get the distance between the work piece and the lens would that just require new lenses ( any idea which magnification ) or is the model of microscope I ordered just not fit for purpose?

I appreciate any advice, please go easy on me, as previously stated, I am a hobbyist and not been to microscope school!!

Thanks always,

hi Pippa,

i did some posts with links explaining magnification…lemme see if i can find em…olease holg…


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Quick question - do you have the .5x lens on it? You’ll want to start with that.

I have tried that alone, and combine with the 2x and the furthest I can get away from the work piece is around 100mm

To get my hand and tools between there the distance needs to be much greater

This is the spec I purchased, as you can see the working distance says 200mm and I cannot gain that at all

I am curious if you have reached out to the vendor? I had a great experience when I bought my microscope getting custom support but I’m guessing different companies are different.

Adjusting the diopters is fiddly. You’re going to get the maximum distance when you have it zoomed all the way out and the .5x lens is attached.

If the microscope is parfocal, then you will be able to maintain that distance all the way through the zoom range.

If you attach both the .5 X and 2X lenses they cancel each other out

Some jewelry artist folks that I know who have bought non-jewelry specific microscopes have had a tough time getting things sorted out with the correct lenses to give the necessary working distance.

You said that you can still return this microscope.

Here is a thread about the Vervor microscope that some Orchid folks like and is reasonably priced.

Something to consider.



just as a point of reference and comparison…, the native magnification for the Leica A60 is 5x to 30x

and grs recommended a .63 objective lens for my setup

so magnification is 3.15x to 18.9x with objective lens

(5x.63 = 3.15 to 30x.63= 18.9)

with a working distance of 155mm/ 6.1”

i think their 50 objective lens has a working distance of 200mm/ 7.8”

your native magnification is 3.5x to 90x

with .50 objective lens, magnification is 1.75x to 45x

try this
sit in your chair, feet flat on ground
turn the “travel” knob (that moves the mic head up and down) to the mid position

bring microscope to your eyes comfortably

then, measure from the bottom lens down to about 6-7”
and try to figure out a way to get your work piece at that level (not the work surface) (ie: useyour sweeps drawer…a stool…with books…for now…perhaps…

then turn the “zoom” knob (that zooms in and out) to the “farthest out” (least zoom) position, and then start moving your work piece and holder (ie: vise, etc) up and down until it is in focus, and then figure out a way to keep work at the height position …for now (ie: add/ remove books)

at that point, you should be able to have your work at that position, and then use the zoom knob to zoom in and out while staying in focus…

note- when you move/ tilt/ rotate your work piece, you will/ may then have to adjust either the travel knob (for slight adjustments) or the work holder (ie: add/ remove books)…

figuring the additional setup needed to make this easier is a whole nother thing…this is where smaller ball vises, grs bench shelves, tru axis slide and locs, satellite stands (look like screw adjustable stools) and/ or benchmate setups can come in handy)

i hope that makes sense…and helps…

keep us posted…


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Julie…Thanks for this information and the research that created it. A microscope is on my list, but a ways down. I am glad to know that, when I get to it, there will be people to help me answer these same questions…Rob

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I’m guessing the 3.5-90x is marketing speak that includes the .5 and 2x lenses. These scopes usually are 7-45x standard.

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