Mercury disposal


With all this talk of mercury does anyone know where you can sell
mercury? I have a Jar of it that probably weighs a few pounds and I
either want to sell it or dispose of it properly.

J Morley


We have a recyclingpark where I live in Europe and they take it all.
However, you don’t get payed for this kind of disposal but they do
take care about it in a very proper way. Might be a good thought to
ask them where this stuff is going to if this kind of service is
available in your country.

Best regards

Check with an Industrial Chemical shop…depends on where you live
if there is something like that.

R. M. Christison

Many Years ago I was cleaning up assorted junk and aquired some 3 lbs
of mercury. I should have found and turned it in for safe use or

Being unsecured it was stolen. No proof or recourse. Some times I
wonder if I helped poison anyone. Mercury poisoning is insidious and

It was not, at the time, illegal. It was at the time irresponsable.

It was dumb, VERY DUMB.

ROBB = Retired Old Baby Boomer

Contact the Chem lab of your local University, They may be interested
in it, or at the worst be able to refer you to a place you can
dispose of it.


There is a recycling program setup by many heating and air
conditioning thermostat manufacturors to collect and recycle the old
mercury thermostats etc. Many wholesale distributors are
participating and have bins to collect old items containing mercury.
If you find one in your area I think they would accept it from you.

Dan Wellman

I need to contact our local waste disposal, but I was wondering if
anyone knows of somewhere that I can send mercury for proper
handling/recycling/disposal? We recently replaced the thermostats in
our house and each contains a fairly sizeable ampule of mercury.


Hello Jennie,

Good for you in seeking a way to properly dispose of the mercury.
You’ll have to check locally, but these agencies should give good
advice for the best way to handle Hg: State environmental agency -
hazardous material bureau, local health dept., county extension

If you have a college or university nearby, they may take your Hg,
as most have a collection program for broken scientific equipment
that uses Hg.

Thanks for being a responsible environmental steward!

Judy in Kansas… actually in Colorado for a visit and watching
Pike’s Peak grow whiter each day.

Contact your local fire department. Fire stations typically serve as
drop off points for small amounts of non-commercial hazardous waste.

But check first and don’t do what some guy did here a few years ago,
which was to wander into a fire station unannounced with a partially
full flask of mercury he’d found cleaning out a storeroom. Made the
news, it did.