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Meeting Rick Copeland

The Rocky Mountain Bead Society had it’s Annual Bead Bazaar at the
Denver Merchandise Mart yesterday and Saturday. By some stroke of
luck I happened by one of the Vendor Booths and lo and behold it was
Rick Copeland’s and Carrie Marsh’s Rocky Mountain Wonders from
Colorado Springs. If you remember some of the threads by Rick, he
tells how he tumbles stones for hours to get great polishes. You
just wouldn’t believe the trays of gorgeous stuff. Besides those that
you could shape yourself, he had trays and trays of every kind of
beautifully polished and Non-conformish shaped cabs. I like the odd
shapes, rather than the calibrated ones.

Just wanted you to know what a great big tall guy Rick is and how
cute his partner is! So glad they are part of the wonderful group of
90 plus vendors making the Denver RMBS Show such a great success.

Our Bead Bazaar will be held next year again at the end of April.

Rose Marie Christison

Oh yes, Spring in the Rockies - it has been snowing hard in Denver
since Midnight and it looks like a winter wonderland and still coming
down…poor tulips have their heads down low!!!