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Measuring Cut Gemstones


I do a lot of bezel setting and some prong setting of cut gemstones.
My question is, how does one measure (a) from the girdle to the
pavillion point and (b) from the girdle to the table (crown) in order
to fabricate a bezel that deep enough but not excessively deep,
causing one to have to remove excess metal height? Or cutting seats
in prongs? Perhaps there is a specialized tool out there that I do
not possess. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!!

Cathy Flory



Holding the stone in tweezers, culet down on a hard flat surface,
take the measurement with a small steel ruler held vertically next
to it. Then lay it on it’s table and do the same. You can also do it
with dividers.

Jerry in Kodiak


You’ve probably seen those inexpensive brass calipers? Lock the
stone between the jaws, touching table and culet. Now you can take
another measuring device, preferably a Leveridge, line up the
pointers and measure the distance you want, in profile. You should be
able to get within a tenth millimeter or so.