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Making love knots

I haven’t been able to locate love knot earrings of the
specifications requested. My thinking is that making these should be
along the line of a 3-band roll on ring. After I have the 3 circles
joined in roll-on fashion I could capture these in a larger circular
device to hold them in proper alignment for final soldering. They
have to have a minimal gap in the center, just to complicate a first

that sound reasonable? Anyone have experience?

This is one of those ‘please a good client’ thingies so I can’t just
bow out.

Thanks much

You’re a nice guy. Pleasing those clients… :slight_smile: I made a tie tack a
while back. Just put your solder joints in the back. They look a lot
better with a1/4 carat diamond in the center though. Also, get a
nice polish on your wire prior to making the rings and fire coat
everything really well, you won’t be able to get inside once they
are assembled to polish. Good luck.

Stanley Bright
Catonsville, MD