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Magnetic finish pin remover

I just started to use a magnetic tumbler for my small pieces and am struggling a bit with the tiny pins being all over the place after rinsing. I can get the majority of them but not all. I have used a magnet, but getting them off the magnet is a chore. I was watching this video:

and at the 1:23 mark, she uses this magnetic device that looks like it works pretty well. Does anyone know the name for this device or where to get it?

I don’t know the name.
But it is basically a strong magnet inside a tube and a collor outside. When you retract the magnet inside, the magnetics fall off at the collor.
Should be easy to make, or just use a thick plastic bag and a neodymium magnet inside.
When all the magnetics are collected, take the magnet out of the bag by wringing it inside out.
Clean magnet and magnetics in the bag :wink:

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Hi Dan,

I’ve never seen the bar, as they refer to it, but have used a media separating gun…



I use a plastic bag

I use a plastic bag and I place a magnet inside of it. I take the bowl of , insert the plastic zipper with the magnet and that wil take every pin out the bowl. Remove the clean pieces. Then I turn the plastic bag inside out and all the pins fall of back into the bowl or on a plate whatever you like to use.



Thanks everyone!! The plastic bag idea is great and I’m going to use that method. I’d love that separator gun but too pricy at this point.

Great solution. Thanks for sharing…Rob