Magazines to subscribe

Suggestions needed:

what magazines about stones and jewelry to subscribe? (english,
french, spanish, italian)

Campo Formoso - Bahia - Brazil

Jewelry Artist (was Lapidary Journal), Ornament, Art Jewelry,
Metalsmith, American Craft, JCK. Check them out first. Each has a
different niche and/or point of view.


Jewelery News Asia (a must), MJSA - (though the worst of all the
rest), 18 Karati (excelent), Jewelery News Thailand (excellent),
Knusthandwerk and Design (three stars), La Bijouxtier ( three
stars-4 stars), the Crafts Report, Lustre (good), National Jeweler,
Coture International Jewler(excellent-trendy), JCK Magazine Magazine
(sells mailing lists), Professional Jeweler( good), Coloured Stone
(mediocre), Metalsmith ( good), Canadian Jeweller Magazine( good +),
Jewelry News India (a must have in any case!) and finally JQ
Magazine are all worth the paper they are printed on…and a good
rounded assortment from various global perspectives on the art and
business of Jewelry making and related fields. Hope you will find
this listing helpful.

regards, R. E. Rourke

Craft Arts International is a pricey beautiful magazine that does
not distinguish between the art media…e.g. all art forms included.
Glossy, oversized and carefully edited. It’s pricey for anywhere but
Oz because it’s produced there and those of us who don’t live there
pay more. It’s worth every penny!

Also, Saudi Aramco magazine generally has at least one article on
the arts of the Muslim world (it’s a magazine devoted to explicating
that world to the rest of the world). Again, a beautifully produced
magazine, good writers, richly illustrated and FREE. Information you
don’t find anywhere else…calligraphy, jewelry, textiles, painting,
sculpture, music, etc.

Linda Kaye-Moses

FYI: Professional Jeweler ceased publication last December. Maybe I
missed the news, but I don’t think anyone has resurrected it.

Gerry Davies
Managing Editor
MJSA Journal

Hi folks,

I know that someone else asked this question recently but as the
majority of Orchidians seem to live in the states, the answers were
all to do with American magazines.

I live in the UK and want to subscribe to a decent UK jewellery
trade magazine. Can anyone please give me some suggestions as to the
best options? I am new to jewellery making (a few months) and am
making silver and gemstone jewellery with a view to selling online
when I feel my pieces are up to scratch (or no scratches as the case
may be!).

Thanks in advance.

Helen Hill
Preston, UK