Machined aluminum toothbrush holder

Saw this on the Make blog, how could I not share it with Orchid?


Saw this on the Make blog, how could I not share it with Orchid? 

Fun, Elaine, thanks. Very overdone by some measures, but totally

However, someone should alert the maker that his design is deficient.
he claims it’s in the interest of “toothbrush security”. So why is
there no lock and key? Not even a latch that I can see. Nor
“seatbelt” like strap to prevent toothbrush ejection in the event of
accident. Not very secure at all. Probably doesn’t even meet Nasa,
Military, NTSB, or even TSA security requirments… :slight_smile:

But still cool.


You know this is GROSS, but I thought I would share it anyway:

The guys on the Discovery program, “Mythbusters” did a series of
tests on toothbrushes to see how & why ALL of them always grow
bacteria. They proved that no matter if your toothbrush is covered by
a cap, it still grows the e-coli bacteria that is found in feces. So,
this “Toothbrush Safe” seems to me that it is definitely SECURE!!!
LOL. The entire family now keeps our toothbrushes in the kitchen
after watching that particular program; capped and closed inside a
small cabinet next to the sink!

On BBCAmerica, the ladies on "How Clean is Your House recommend that
you put the seat down before flushing because the flushing causes
whatever’s in the toilet to spray up and out! Yuck!!!

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