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Mac Software for Inventory

I’m looking for software for making an art inventory system. Does
anyone have any recommendations or advice? I run a Mac.

Thanks in Advance,
Nadine in Canada

Hi Nadine, You can go to and try
out an inventory system called “all my stuff”. You can keep track of
all your pieces complete with pictures. Try it free and if it suits
you, buy it for 29.99 (us) I have no affiliation, just a happy

Tom Arnold


Have you ever used a spreadsheet? I have a Mac and use Microsoft
Xcel for my gemstone inventory. I know there are software programs
specifically designed for the jewelry industry, but I like the way
you can customize with MS Xcel and I already had experience with it.

I’ve designed my inventory with several columns of such
as an ID#, gemstone name, color, cut, size, weight, purchase price
and date, and source. I also have a remarks column for information
such as where it is stored, if it has been used in a particular
piece of jewelry, and if it has been sold, etc. I can easily do
sorting and searches on each of my categories/columns.

Bonnie Cooper

Microsoft Xcel for my gemstone inventory. 

I think Excel is one of the most underrated power tools around. It’s
great for so many things, and once you learn the basics, it’s really
easy to use. So, so versatile…


I use an Excel spreadsheet for inventory and it works very well for
me. But I also have a spreadsheet for pricing, plugging in material
costs and time, and including overhead costs (credit card processing
costs,as well since I am also a retailer) to determine wholesale and
retail pricing. When I priced the work by hand, there were frequent
errors, but with the spreadsheet there are none! A handwritten
notebook includes a sketch of the piece and itemized material pricing
as well as notes on construction.

Last year I invested in a 12" Mac Powerbook G4 that I carry around
with me and I wonder why I waited so long to do so. It certainly
makes life easier!

Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

As Susan suggested, Excel would also be a good way to go for keeping
track of completed projects and pricing. You can even insert a photo
of the object, or scan and insert a sketch of it. I used to be a
graphic designer and have used a Mac for over 20 years. I also use
it for precise 2-D drawing (in Adobe Illustrator) for designing
jewelry. The line art can be printed on a laser printer and
transferred to metal or wax by taping it down and dabbing acetone to
the back side of the paper.

Bonnie Cooper

A handwritten notebook includes a sketch of the piece and itemized
material {{Excel}} 

I can appreciate the use of a notebook (fast and easy) - you can also
either put a graphic in a cell, or a link (Insert - Hyperlink) to a
graphic on your harddrive - just make sure the graphic file stays
put… At least in Office 2003.

There is also a software called Masterpiece. It is specially
designed for art galleries and jewelry people

There is also a software called Masterpiece. It is specially
designed for art galleries and jewelry people 

I don’t need this, but I’m a man of infinite curiosity. It does look
good, maybe not cheap. Anyway, just sharing the link. It is here:

There is also a software called Masterpiece. 

So am I so I took a look at this link. Seems to be a software
solution capable of most things. Except, I can find no reference to
using it with MacOS of any version. Since the thread was “Mac


File Maker Pro for the Mac is the program I use for all my
inventory. It’s a huge database program that can be customized to fit
all you needs including photo entry and number calculations. There
are a few templates but none fit my needs, so I designed my own.

Deciding what your needs are is the first step. Takes some
learning…but worth the effort. Also you can build separate
databases for inventory of customers info, your stones, your
jewelry, keep track of everything including time to make the piece,
findings and their costs used in a piece and actually price out your
piece in you database.

Good Luck
Mary Ann Archer Fine Jewelry Designs LLC