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[Looking4] Used Revere book

I’m just learning the art of goldsmithing, and a jeweler has lent me
his copy of “Professional Goldsmithing” by Alan Rvere. I’m finding
it an incredible learning tool, and would like to buy the book, but I
see that the price is quite high, even for used copies. If anyone
has an old stained, tattered volume collecting dust on a shelf
because you’ve already mastered all the lessons, I’d be grateful to
be able to offer a fair price to lighten up said shelf.

I could be reached off-list

Kind regards,
Larry Heyda

Alan Revere is coming out with a revised edition of this book in the
near future. When that happens, first of all, it is likely that the
new edition will sell for less than the used ones currently on the
market. Secondly, the price should drop markedly for the older
editions. No guarantees on that, but that is what usually happens.
Check out Alan’s website for news on the new edition.

Linda Lankford


There is an affordable interim version currently available from
Revere Books until the new expanded version, which is re-titled
Professional Jewelry Making, is published.

This one is spiral bound black and white with the original color

Michael David Sturlin

Dear Orchidians who have written to me to offer help on obtaning
this book. Among the many kind responses, one member has generously
offered to sell me an extra copy he had of this book at such a low
price that it is embarrassing to even mention it here. I want to
thank Jim Small of Small Wonders Lapidary for his extreme
generosity, and all the other members who wrote to me. Orchid is a
true family. Thank you, Hanuman.

Larry Heyda

The book “Professional Goldsmithing” is available from the Revere
Academy. It is republished in a spiral binding. You can find it in
books and videos at

Judy Hoch

I’ve had good results finding old, and often out of print books, at and now at Amazon also.

Mike DeBurgh
MD Designs