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[Looking4] Trusted diamond dealers

Hi all!

We’re looking for some good diamond dealers- if anybody is willing to
share-it would be much appreciated! Hope the season’s going well for

Rona Fisher

Hi Rona,

I’ve been working with KRD in NYC for several years for small goods.
15 carat and under. They sell well made goods and the clarity/color
is accurate so you don’t spend time second guessing the grading,
returning goods that don’t meet your needs, etc. Terms are available
for those who wholesale their work as they understand how our (small
studio goldsmiths) cash flow works. The number is 212-398-3518, Karen
is the owner.

Best wishes,

Rona - well i am currently buying from - leo frank, have in the past
had good luck with Apex & DJ of America for melee all these folks
require a JBT # but they are priced right -


Hello Rona, My name is Stephen Wyrick, I live in San Antonio, Texas
and have been in the business of Jewellery for 37 years and do
business in all that is related it. As a point I will leave Friday
to travel to Sierra Leone to pick up percale’s of rough diamond
material and drop it off to be polished and sell off some. I have
credential’s and can express them to you if interested. 210.260.0662
Cell, 210 340.8020 Office/Shop

Thank you, Stephen

Hi Ronda,

37 Years in the business and these guys go the extra mile to get you
special stones, both colour and diamonds. Raja Jewels/Regal Diamonds
in NY, talk with DPAK, 1-212-575-9875, I have been their offices in
NY and they are very competitive plus give you good service.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ,GIA, San Antonio, Texas.